The City of Colwood is one of the world's most beautiful and livable small cities with breathtaking natural surroundings, a youthful, caring community of people and incredible potential.

The City's awarding winning Official Community Plan lays out a strong vision for sustainability that will ensure Colwood maintains its natural, historical, family friendly feel as it enjoys the benefits that growth will bring. This vision is echoed throughout plans like the Colwood Economic Development Strategy and Colwood Master Transportation Plan.

Protecting and enhancing our natural environment, ecology, and resources is essential as we provide the conditions for a healthy, resilient and prosperous community. This is not just a community preference. In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Report concluded that in order to sustain economic growth, the environment the economy is built upon must be protected. Environmental and social impacts must be integrated into planning and decision making.

Energy is at the very heart of our community: for lighting, heating and cooling, transportation, water, waste and all the infrastructure we depend on. Becoming a smart energy community is a critical step in improving energy reliability, planning for future energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We understand that building energy efficiency into City plans and initiatives will generate environmental, economic, social and health benefits for individuals, families and businesses in our community.

Green Initiatives Put Colwood on the Map

Visit the City of Colwood and you’ll see the power of the sun. On the roof of the Colwood Fire Station you’ll find solar hot water and electric panels. You’ll notice an increasing number of families are becoming “energy champions” by installing home energy improvements like solar hot water panels and heat pumps. There are electric vehicle charging stations at the City’s Park and Ride area, near the public library and at City hall. We are exploring environmental sewage treatment options. And wheeling around the streets you’ll see the electric public works truck, which saves the City over $3500 a year in fuel costs.

  • Official Canadian Solar City - Colwood was recently named an official Canadian Solar City by the Canadian Solar Cities Project, recognizing it as one of the most sustainable places in the world.
  • Earth Hour City Challenge - The City of Colwood's focus on the environment earned recognition as one of the top three Canadian Cities and among the top 17 in the world.
  • Solar Colwood Initiatives - Solar Colwood aims to have 1000 Colwood residents and businesses take action to save energy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Colwood has installed 6 electric vehicle charging stations to add to the ever-growing network of stations on the Westshore and throughout our region.
  • Electric Public Works Truck - The City saves between $3000 and $5000 per year on gas and maintenance by using an electric truck for trail and roadside maintenance.
  • Environmental Sewage Treatment – Colwood is actively working with developers to explore opportunities for sewage treatment that would provide heat and water recovery, return revenue and resources to our community and reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Colwood Community Place – Colwood Community Place is a local living network intended to help residents discover ways to go green, grow local and enjoy the best quality of life while building a thriving city.

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A green, vibrant city - by design

The City of Colwood has embarked on a major planning phase to guide the needs of our growing community. With environmental sustainability as a foundational guiding principle, we are working on an integrated approach to planning in several key areas:

  • Transportation Master Plan that guide the development of effective travel routes that encourage active transportation, create beautiful streetscapes and gathering places and create a sense of pride in our city.
  • Economic Development Strategies that will strengthen the City's business community and economic base to help make Colwood a vibrant, creative and prosperous community where residents can live, work and play.
  • Land Use, Subdivision and Development Plans that guide how our City develops, ensuring the things we value are protected as we enjoy the benefits of growth.
  • Urban Forest Strategy to identify locations where the natural forest is to be left undisturbed; enhance treed environments and plan for the replanting of the future urban forest in areas under development.

Climate Action

As a signatory to the BC Climate Action Charter, Colwood has been making efforts to reduce community wide and corporate greenhouse gas emissions and become carbon neutral in its corporate operations. Read about some of these actions in the Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARIP) Final Public Report.

Climate Change and the Colwood Coastline

Colwood recognizes that savvy investors look to communities who are prepared to thrive throughout changes in our environment. Read more about how Colwood is working on innovative ways to mitigate and thrive through change.