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Colwood's 2024-2027 Draft Strategic Plan is being developed now - share your feedback on Let's Talk Colwood.

Colwood's Current Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023

The City of Colwood Strategic Plan addresses priority areas where Council has identified a gap and wants to see meaningful progress over the next four years.

Flip view of the Colwood Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023

PDF version of the Colwood Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023

The plan is not intended to list everything the City does. The goals and tactics align with the directions outlined in the Official Community Plan and are intended to meet the needs and expectations of the community as they are integrated into Service Plans, Financial Plans and ongoing service delivery.

The Strategic Plan focuses on four key goal areas: Mobility, Prosperity, Governance and Vibrancy.

Goal 1: Mobility

The City will strive to enhance residents' quality of life by creating a safe, convenient and connected network of streets, sidewalks, trails and cycling routes for people of all ages and abilities.

The plan proposes reviewing the design of priority roads, creating sidewalk and cycling plans, measuring vehicle congestion, increasing the comfort and convenience of transit and engaging the community on the concept of a passenger ferry.

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Goal 2: Prosperity

The City will make decisions that promote the prosperity of residents, businesses and the City as a whole. This includes supporting new business investment, but also household prosperity considerations that allow for residents to enjoy a high quality of life with access to recreation, education, employment and housing choices.

The plan proposes creating a household prosperity census to better understand what needs to be done to improve prosperity for residents, as well as creating targets to diversify Colwood's tax base. And we'll plan for public realm improvements to enhance enjoyment and attract new business investment.

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Goal 3: Governance

The City will continue to engage citizens through clear, honest communications, responsible financial management and transparent decision making that reflects the needs and wishes of the greater community, as described in the Official Community Plan. 

The plan proposes building the City's service levels based on resident expectations, reviewing tax and fee levels, planning for infrastructure needs and reducing Colwood's energy use and GHG emissions.

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Goal 4: Vibrancy

The City will work to create more welcoming and interesting public spaces that encourage access to a range of recreational, social, cultural and heritage opportunities, especially at the waterfront, in parks and on streetscapes and boulevards.

The plan proposes building our understanding of community needs through cultural assessments, neighbourhood engagement and housing needs assessments, then planning for parks improvements, community events, arts and culture, heritage and beautification. 

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Next steps for the draft Strategic Plan

Specific tactics outlined in the plan will be considered during budget deliberations in February and March and then put into action.Once Council approves projects in the 2020-2024 Financial Plan, we'll need your input about the specific projects as they roll out. Watch for opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!