Following the 2014 municipal election, Colwood Council undertook strategic planning workshops to review and update the City's 2015-2018 Strategic Priorities. These priorities focus on our vision for Colwood as a vibrant seaside community that offers a healthy lifestyle, a strong, diverse economy and a sustainable natural environment.

The Strategic Priorities are based on four Strategic Goals: Enhance Community Well Being, Promote Well Planned Economic & Community Growth, Protect & Maintain Natural & Manmade Infrastructure and Demonstrate Management Excellence. 

In addition to incorporating these goals into the everyday business of the City, Colwood Council has identified major projects in each of these areas that the city will focus on first, as we work toward our vision. Plans will be integrated to maximize teamwork, public participation, innovation and efficiency.

Enhance Community Well Being

We promote a safe, attractive and active seaside community. We inform and involve residents in decisions that affect them, promoting shared responsibility and a strong connected community. We advocate for the availability and affordability of housing and public services. 

Major Projects:

Promote Well Planned Economic & Community Growth

We proactively invest in economic growth and take steps to enhance Colwood’s quality of place. We promote a strong, sustainable economy with a wide range of business and investment opportunities. Careful management and active promotion create the environment for businesses to succeed. 

Major Projects:

Protect & Maintain Natural & Manmade Infrastructure

We focus on building resilience and long term stability by ensuring our natural and manmade infrastructure and assets are maintained and funded over the long term. We prepare for future expenditures by planning proactively. We strive to protect and enhance air, land and water quality as well as green spaces, urban forests and the many natural and diverse eco-systems in the area. 

Major Projects:

Demonstrate Management Excellence

We build community capacity to prevent future problems and expenditures. Careful management, fiscal responsibility, innovation, monitoring and community involvement create the environment, infrastructure, systems, services and workforce required to succeed.

Major Projects: