Colwood has a huge opportunity to improve the way residents and visitors move around Colwood.

This plan provides a roadmap for Colwood to achieve a better and brighter future. Changing the way we move has the potential to change the kind of community we are creating. A community where more people walk, cycle and take transit will ultimately be a community where more money is spent locally, more people know their neighbours. Kids, parents and grandparents will be healthier, and finally, the environment is better for it. 

Review the Colwood Transportation Master Plan  

If you have questions or comments about the plan, please contact the Colwood Engineering department at 250-478-5999.

Executive Summary  [PDF 1MB]

1 Setting the Stage  [PDF 1.34MB]
   1.1 Introduction 
   1.2 Study Purpose
   1.3 Study Process 

2 Shaping Influences  [PDF 3MB]
   2.1 Planning for a Sustainable Colwood 
   2.2 A Growing and Evolving Community 
   2.3 How We Move Around Colwood 
   2.4 How We Move Around the Region 

3 Overall Directions  [PDF 1MB]
   3.1 Transportation Vision 
   3.2 Goals 
   3.3 Targets 

4 Strategic Directions and Actions  [PDF 9.59MB]
   4.1 A Network of Vibrant Centres
   4.2 Liveable Neighbourhoods
   4.3 A Walkable Community
   4.4 Comfortable Cycling Facilites
   4.5 Convenient and Attractive Transit
   4.6 Complete Streets

5 Implementation  [PDF 1MB]
   5.1 Priorities

Appendices  [PDF 7.75 MB]
   Appendix A - Outline of improvements planned for each major street
   Appendix B - Transportation Modelling Report