There are a number of parcel taxes levied to pay for the construction, maintenance and safe operation of Colwood septic and sewer systems. They are as follows:

Local Area Service and Onsite Sewage System Parcel Tax

Homes in Colwood homes are served by either onsite septic systems or sewer service. A sewer parcel tax is levied to recover outstanding debt attributed to each sewer local area service. An onsite sewage systems parcel tax is levied to recover the Capital Regional District's costs related to managing the region's onsite septic systems.

CRD Bylaws to establish a service for management and maintenance of onsite sewage systems

Back in 2007, the CRD implemented regulations for maintenance of onsite sewage disposal systems. All properties with septic systems pay the CRD Onsite Sewage Parcel Tax which allows the CRD to monitor for safety of septic systems.

The 2023 parcel tax rates are detailed on the Colwood Tax Rate Bylaw No. 1980, 2023
The 2023 sewer user fee rates in detailed in the Colwood Sewer Utility Bylaw No. 1983, 2023