Property Taxes are due on July 2, 2019.

First, claim your Homeowner Grant if you are eligible. (Read more about the homeowner grant.)

CLAIM Your Homeowner Grant

Then, pay your taxes using one of the methods below. Property taxes are due July 2, 2019. If your payment is late a ten percent (10%) penalty is applied to the unpaid amount, including unclaimed Home Owner Grants.

Please remember:

  • To avoid penalty, your payment and Home Owner Grant application must be received by the Property Tax Payment Due Date.
  • The Home Owner Grant must be applied for each year and can be claimed online as soon as you receive your notice.

1) Pay through online banking

We’d love for you to visit us at City Hall, but if you would like to pay from the comfort of your own home, you can pay your taxes through your online banking system. To set Colwood up as a payee on your online banking system, search for “Colwood” and select the City account.

You will need to enter the folio number (without the decimal) from your property tax notice to ensure that the payment is applied to your tax account. We encourage you to arrange payment early to avoid penalty. (Remember you also need to submit your completed Home Owner Grant application directly to the City of Colwood, not to the bank.)

2) Pay in person at City Hall

Bring your tax notice and payment to Colwood City Hall located at 3300 Wishart Road. City Hall is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holiday). Acceptable payment methods include:

  • Personal cheques - payable to City of Colwood
  • Post dated personal cheques. Please note that dishonoured cheques constitute non-payment of taxes and will be subject to penalty, interest and a returned cheque fee.
  • Money orders
  • Bank drafts
  • Cash
  • Interac
  • CREDIT CARDS ARE NOT ACCEPTED FOR PAYMENT OF PROPERTY TAXES, however cash advance cheques (provided by credit card companies) are accepted.

3) 24 Hour mail slot at City Hall

There is a mail slot located at the entrance to City Hall. Feel free to drop your payment off at any time. Your payment must be dropped off by the property tax due date to avoid penalty.

4) Pay at your bank

You can pay your property taxes at most financial institutions. Payments will be accepted as on time if paid at the bank by July 2, 2019.

5) Pay by mail

Mailed payments must be received by City Hall on or before the property tax deadline of July 2, 2019 to avoid penalty. Payments mailed within Canada not received by July 2, 2019 must have a legible post mark dated June 29, 2019 or prior to avoid penalty. Remember to submit your completed Home Owner Grant application, or apply online for the grant. Make cheques payable to the CITY OF COLWOOD.

Send your payment to:
City of Colwood Finance Department
3300 Wishart Rd
Victoria, BC   V9C 1R1

6) Prepayments

You may choose to pre-pay your taxes by providing the City with monthly cheques post-dated for the 1st or the 15th of each month or by pre-authorized debit payments. No interest is paid on these payments. The monthly pre-payment program includes 10 fixed amount withdrawals on the first business day of each month beginning August 1. Fixed amounts are based on current gross tax amount divided by 10. There is no withdrawal in the month of June and the balance owing will be drawn on the first business day in July. Please submit a copy of this Pre-authorized Debit Payment enrollment form, along with a void cheque, directly to City Hall in person, by mail, or in the 24 hour mail slot located at the entrance to City Hall. Don't hesitate to contact us for additional information at 250-294-8150 or at

7) With your mortgage payment

Your financial institution can pay your taxes on your behalf if you have made such an arrangement through your mortgage agreement. Contact your mortgage company for further information. Make sure to submit your completed Home Owner Grant directly to the City of Colwood. Your mortgage company will not complete your Home Owner Grant on your behalf.

8) Tax Deferment

If you are 55 or older, a surviving spouse or a person with a disability, you may be eligible for the Province of BC Property Tax Deferment program. The Province of BC also offers a Families with Children deferment program for taxpayers who meet specific criteria. For detailed information on the programs, visit the Property Tax Deferment program website or contact our office at 250-294-8150.