Colwood is home to exceptional venues for special events, festivals, conferences, meetings and more.

West Shore Parks & Recreation

1767 Island Highway, Colwood, BC  V9B 1J1
Phone: 250-478-8384
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Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse

603 Fort Rodd Hill Road, Colwood, BC V9C 2W8
Phone: 250-478-5849
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Hatley Castle and Hatley Gardens

2005 Sooke Road, Colwood, BC V9B 5Y2
​Toll Free Phone: 1.866.241.0674
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Royal Colwood Golf Club

629 Goldstream Ave, Colwood, BC V9B 6K8
Phone: (250) 478-8331
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Olympic View Golf Course

643 Latoria Rd, Colwood, BC V9C 3A3
Phone: (250) 474-3673
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St. John the Baptist Heritage Church and Emery Hall

537 Glencairn Lane, Colwood, BC  V9B 2E8
Phone: 250-478-5999
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Coastal Offices Conference Rooms

#132-328 Wale Road, Colwood, BC V9B 0J8
Phone: 778-265-3399
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Colwood Community Hall

2219 Sooke Rd, Colwood, BC V9B 1W8
Phone: 778-676-2219
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Pergolas at Herm Williams Park

Kelly Road at Adye Road, Colwood, BC
Phone City Hall at 250-478-5999
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Elements Casino

1708 Island Highway, View Royal, BC
Phone 250-391-0311
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Planning an Event in Colwood

Check the Community Calendar to find out about other events and get tips on the Planning an Event in Colwood page.