Sewer Connections

If you are in an area with municipal sewer service and want to be connected, please use the Sewer Connection Application.
To disconnect, use the Sewer Disconnection Application.

Is there a long term plan for sewers in Colwood?

See the map of existing sewer lines in Colwood.

Watch for a new Sewer Master Plan in 2023!
Colwood's previous Sewer Master Plan described how sewers could be built throughout Colwood, but the major funding required has not been available. New developments in Colwood must be connected to sewer or construct new sewer connections, which will create more opportunities for existing property owners to connect over time.


Septic Systems

The majority of Colwood households (about 55% of the current population) are on septic systems. When properly maintained and situated, septic systems are an environmentally friendly and economical option. Properties with septic systems pay the Capital Regional District Onsite Sewage Parcel Tax which allows the CRD to monitor the maintenance of septic systems. Read more about Septic Systems in the CRD.

Municipal Sewer Service

Colwood properties currently hooked up to sewer service are charged a sewer user fee to help keep the almost 40,000 m of pipes and infrastructure. including 10 lift stations in safe working order. The City’s system also services commercial properties including, Royal Roads University, DND lands, two golf courses, schools, and the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre.

Please protect our sewer systems. The only items that should be flushed are human waste and toilet paper. Wipes and other personal care items can damage sewers, which can mean expensive repairs for you and other taxpayers. Read more: Sewer Savvy - What NOT to flush

Connecting to Sewers in Colwood

Properties that are adjacent to existing sewer lines may inquire about paying to connect. There are several steps involved when requesting a sewer connection:

1. The property owner submits an application then application fees;

2. City staff process the application - mapping the location of the property and existing sewer services;

3. City staff draft a bylaw for the connection which is then presented to Council for three readings;

4. At a following meeting, Council gives fourth reading which triggers a work order for the City to install the connection.The typical cost to have the City connect the sewer line to the property line is approximately $13,000, plus the additional cost of between $3000 - $5000 to extend the line to the home and decommission an existing septic system.

5. If required, a work order is prepared for the Public Works department to install a new service from the sewer main to the property line.

Regional Sewage Treatment

The CRD Wastewater Treatment Plant provides tertiary treatment for wastewater from the core area municipalities of Victoria, Esquimalt, Saanich, Oak Bay, View Royal, Langford and Colwood, and the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations.

The Wastewater Treatment Project was built to meet the provincial and federal regulations for treatment. Read more on the CRD Wastewater Treatment Project website.