Scheduled Sidewalk Projects

Kelly Road, Hagel Road and Lagoon Road
Scoping: 2022
Design: 2023
Tender: 2024
Construction: 2024

Scheduled for Scoping and Design in 2022/23 COMPLETE
Kelly Road
Hagel Road
Lagoon Road
Fulton Road
Adye Road / Metchosin Road

Owens Road and Benhomer Drive sidewalks COMPLETE
Scoping: Q1 2022
Design: Q3 2022
Tender: Q4 2022
Construction: Q1 2023

Painter Road sidewalks + cycling lanes COMPLETE
Scoping: Sep 2020
Design: Dec 2020
Tender: Mar 2021
Construction: Summer 2021

Metchosin Road sidewalks + cycling lanes COMPLETE
Scoping: Sep 2020
Design: Dec 2020
Tender: Mar 2021
Construction: Summer 2021

Read about the Priority sidewalk locations discussed at Committee of the Whole in March 2021

The City of Colwood recognizes the importance of expanding our pedestrian network to ensure that walking is a safe and convenient transportation choice for the citizens and visitors in the City. Improvements are guided by the Colwood Transportation Master Plan.

These initiatives one important way we work to achieve our community's broader objectives around active transportation, safety, health, accessibility, sustainability, environmental protection and economic prosperity.

Active Transportation Plan 2021

In the Spring of 2021, a new Active Transportation Plan will outline priority routes where new sidewalks and bike lanes will be designed and constructed over the next ten years. Read more at

Determining sidewalk priorities

Current plans focus on strategic expansion of the City’s sidewalk network, to make the best use of resources where they will have the greatest positive impact. 

New sidewalk locations are generally prioritized based on:

  • immediate proximity to schools and parks
  • immediate proximity to transit routes
  • density of land use in the area (apartments, townhouses, small lots, etc.)
  • whether redevelopment is expected to occur soon
  • upgrades required based on traffic studies by qualified engineering professionals

Narrowing intersections on local streets improves safety

Intersection design is one way to reduce vehicle speeds and improve pedestrian conditions. Reducing the radius of the corners while adhering to transportation standards for road width results in the following benefits:

  • Slower turning speeds, reinforcing the requirement to come to a stop.
  • Shorter pedestrian crossings.
  • Improved sight lines for drivers.

Read more in this article from Strong Towns.


Many sidewalks in Colwood are built through development of the adjacent land. When land along most roads is subdivided or rezoned, the developer must construct the road frontage to the City's current standard, which usually consists of paving, curb and gutter, grass boulevard and street trees, streetlights, and sidewalks.

Since the developer is only required to make improvements directly adjacent to the property, there are often temporary gaps in the sidewalk spanning undeveloped properties.

Organize neighbours to pay for Local Area Services

A Local Area Services project is a neighbourhood improvement paid for by the owers of the properties who will benefit from it. Services that may be accommodated include Road Improvements, Street Lighting and Sewer Service. Read more about Local Area Services

Ministry of Transportation

The Ministry of Transportation is responsible for maintenance and repair of the following streets and sidewalks within Colwood:

  • Veterans Memorial Parkway between Kelly Road and Sooke Road
  • Sooke Road between Veterans Memorial Parkway and Jacklin Road

For inquiries about these Ministry of Transportation maintained routes and interchanges, contact the Saanich Area Office at 250-952-4515.

Contact Colwood Engineering

Contact the Engineering Department by email at or by phone at 250-478-5999 for more on sidewalks in Colwood.