The City of Colwood encourages events that bring people together, build social connections, and promote healthy community living.

Whether you are planning a block party, a wedding, a fundraiser or other celebration, the City is here to help make sure events are safe and enjoyable for everyone. Complete a City of Colwood Special Event Application.

Find event facilities available for rent or public use through the City of Colwood.

The City is here to help

City staff are available to answer questions about special event applications and the approval process. Contact Britney Stojke at, for more information.

There are a few absolute rules and each application is examined based on impacts to the community.

Events held on City property including streets, sidewalks or other public spaces require a permit. This will ensure the event does not compromise the safety of participants or the public. We will work with your and our partners to make sure your event is a positive experience for everyone.

  • Events that don’t require a street closure require a minimum of 6 weeks notice.
  • Major events and those requesting a street closure require a minimum of 4 months advance notice in order to ensure adequate time for review and availability of police resources.
  • Any event that is new, unusually large, or controversial may require City Council approval. The organizer should not advertise the event or make financial commitments before obtaining approval from the City. The review process for new events may require the organizer to consult the community affected. Selection of an alternate site may be necessary.
  • The City or any other approving agency retains the right to cancel the event up to and including the day of the event, or at any time during the event in an emergency or if permit conditions are not adhered to.
  • These permits are considered temporary in nature for a single or time-limited series of events. The City retains the right to revoke permission at any time should conditions change.

Notifying the neighbours

The organizer is responsible for notifying residents, businesses and other facilities that may be affected by the event 14 (fourteen) days prior to the event. This may require distribution of a flyer or information leaflet that includes pertinent information about the event: date, time, duration, area, temporary traffic or parking regulations, and a phone number for enquiries. A record of who was notified is required. Large or disruptive events may also require advertisements in newspapers and other local media.

Violation of Rental Agreement or Permit
If an individual or group violates legislative provisions, including provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada and the British Columbia Human Rights Code, the City of Colwood may do one or more of the following:
• require the individual or group to justify the request for the future use of public space, facilities or properties,
• require the individual or group to post a bond or some other form of security to the City of Colwood, or
• refuse to allow the individual or group to use public space, facilities or properties within the jurisdiction of the City of Colwood.
Any of these steps will be in addition to any other enforcement measures under applicable legislation.

Block Parties

Plan a block party in your neighbourhood! Block parties bring people together, build social connections, and improve community living. Organize a block party with your neighbours to celebrate a summer weekend or holiday, or focus on a local issue, like how to prepare for and work together in the event of an emergency.

Check our Block Party Kit for great ideas to get you started!