Lookout Lake is one of Colwood’s hidden gems. Perched up high on Triangle Mountain, it’s a local favourite for swimming, picnics, hikes and shoreline fishing.

It's also a lovely quiet spot for families who enjoy fishing. The lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout as part of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC's Fishing in the City program. Check when the lake was last stocked with fish and watch this video of the lake being stocked with fish. Please use the Fishing Line Recycling station you'll find on the light post to protect birds and animals from becoming entangled. 

Be on the lookout for eagles perched in the trees, waiting to swoop down and catch a meal of fresh fish.

Make it a hike!

Did you know there's a great hike up from Havenwood Park to Lookout Lake? Earn your dip in the lake with this hike that takes you through forested trails, up two sets of stairs to arrive at Lookout Lake. Here's how:

  • Start at Havenwood Park on Veteran's Memorial Parkway.
  • Take the right hand trail, up the stairs and beyond until you come out at Fulton Road.
  • On the left, you'll see the trail continues near the homes there, toward Sun Hills Road. (Look for the yellow post marking the trail)
  • Follow the trail down to Sun Hills Road, then along the sidewalk to the end of the road, where the trail continues through the forest.
  • Follow the trail to the stairs, which will take you up to Lookout Lake Park.

Lookout Lake Park Management Plan

As an outcome of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan, a Park Management Plan was recently completed. This long-term strategic document will help guide future park infrastructure, upgrades, environmental considerations, and recreational use. Click here to view the plan.

Accessibility Rules: 

Well groomed gravel trail to small sandy beach area. Wooden stairs to access from Blue Sky Place.


On Triangle Mountain, up Fulton Road to Sunheights Drive. Access from Batting Place or Blue Sky Place.