Don't throw that out!

The CRD Regional Kitchen Scraps Strategy encourages homes and business to compost organic waste and divert this waste stream from the landfill. By January 1, 2015 kitchen scraps will be restricted from your garbage. Visit for information about composting and food waste digesters.


Garbage Collection

The City of Colwood does not provide garbage collection service. Residents are free to select their preferred provider of this service with collection schedules and pricing that best meet their needs.

CRD Recycling

Colwood 's curbside blue box recycling collection program is provided by CRD Recycling. Learn when your collection day is, what can be recycled in the blue box and where to recycle other materials on the CRD Recycling website.

Use to determine where and how to safely reduce, reuse and recycle almost any substance and learn the environmental story behind the items we use in our homes and businesses.

Colwood London Drugs

The London Drugs at 1907 Sooke Road in Colwood is a great place to recycle all kinds of things. The following items may be recycled as part of their GreenDeal program:

  • Electrical and Electronic goods (TVs, VCRs, computers, monitors, printers etc)
  • Small Appliances (purchased at London Drugs)
  • Styrofoam, plastic and cardboard packaging from our products
  • Cell phones, PDA and rechargeable batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL’s) and fluorescent light tubes up to 4-foot lengths
  • Disposable cameras
  • Ink jet cartridges
  • Laser cartridges
  • Metal film canisters
  • Plastic bags
  • Pop bottles and cans (BC only)
  • Insurance plastic folders
  • Laser cartridges

Yard Waste

The City of Colwood provides a Branch Drop Off Program free of charge for Colwood residents on the first and third Saturday of every month.