The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate greater collaboration and exchange of ideas between Council and the public to provide advice and recommend policies on climate change, green technology, energy efficiency, urban forestry and other topics associated with environmental sustainability.

The Terms of Reference will guide the Committee in their role to advise Council,

Committee Membership:

  • Five (5) community members
    • Devon Barnes
    • Charlotte Gorley
    • Karyn Woodland
    • Lois Cates
    • Pamela Nicholas
  • One (1) member of Council to serve as Chair and one (1) member of Council appointed as alternate.
    • Councillor Grove (Chair)
    • Councillor Day (Alternate)


Staff liaison and resources (non-voting members) shall include:

  • Senior Member of Engineering Department (1)
  • Senior Member of the Parks Department (1)
  • Senior Member of the Community Planning Department (1)
  • Corporate Services Recording Secretary (1)

Meeting Schedule

  • The Committee shall meet four (4) times a year at 2:30 PM on the third Monday of February, April, June and October.
  • All meetings shall take place at Colwood City Hall, 3300 Wishart Road, or at other locations specified in the “Notice of Meeting” and Livestreamed to the city’s website.