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How was the 2018 OCP created? Dive into the details and feedback received through extensive community participation in OCP engagement events. Read What we've heard.

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Seaside Village Land Use section 7.2.6
Colwood Corners Land Use section 7.2.3
Royal Bay Area Plan Part E: Area Plans


Colwood is a spectacular seaside community set apart by its outstanding natural setting and exceptional quality of life.

Development will be focused in town centres at Colwood Corners and Royal Bay, and along the Sooke Road transit corridor. Extra care will be taken in sensitive natural areas.


  1. Colwood's waterfront is a stewarded, world-class destination for residents and visitors alike.
  2. People and nature are exceptionally well connected in Colwood.
  3. Colwood residents have realistic transportation choices.
  4. Vibrant public spaces in Colwood – including streets – are for public life.
  5. Colwood is home to family-friendly neighbourhoods that provide housing choices.
  6. Colwood is carbon neutral, energy positive, water smart and prepared to adapt to a changing world.

Making Waves: Creating a new OCP in 2018

Great cities don't just happen - they are created by people who care about their community and are willing to rock the boat to find ways to make their city great. Colwood's Official Community Plan was shaped by strong community involvement in the Making Waves Official Community Plan project.

When Colwood Council is faced with decisions about a new development, roads project, or park improvement, they look to the Official Community Plan to determine whether it fits with the long term vision outlined there.

Building on past work

Colwood's previous Official Community Plan was created in 2008. Updates were required to better reflect the values of the community as it faces significant growth and development over the next several years. The 2018 OCP will guide the way forward to 2035 when the City will celebrate 50 years since incorporation. Council and staff are extremely grateful for the strong community involvement in creating the plan through many interactive events and thoughtful conversations as this new shared vision emerged for the future of our community.

Colwood Strategic Priorities 2015-2018

Some of the strategic goals Colwood is striving to achieve are to:

Enhance Community Well Being

We promote a safe, attractive and active community. We inform and involve residents in decisions that affect them, promoting shared responsibility and a strong connected community. We advocate for the availability and affordability of housing and public services. 

Promote Well Planned Economic & Community Growth

We proactively invest in economic growth and take steps to enhance Colwood’s quality of place. We promote a strong, sustainable economy with a wide range of business and investment opportunities. Careful management and active promotion create the environment for businesses to succeed. 

Protect & Maintain Natural & Manmade Infrastructure

We focus on building resilience and long term stability by ensuring our natural and manmade infrastructure and assets are maintained and funded over the long term. We prepare for future expenditures by planning proactively. We strive to protect and enhance air, land and water quality as well as green spaces, urban forests and the many natural and diverse eco-systems in the area. 

Demonstrate Management Excellence

We build community capacity to prevent future problems and expenditures. Careful management, fiscal responsibility, innovation, monitoring and community involvement create the environment, infrastructure, systems, services and workforce required to succeed.

Other foundational documents

The Colwood Land Use Bylaw outlines the land use zones and the rules and regulations for development of land in Colwood, as well as the process for making decisions about development permit applications.
Colwood Land Use Bylaw

The Colwood Economic Development Strategy is driving enhancements to our community that will improve quality of life and attract new businesses and investment.
Colwood Economic Development Strategy

The Colwood Transportation Master Plan guides the creation of enjoyable walking, cycling and driving networks to improve how we move, create connected neighbourhoods and support economic development.
Colwood Transportation Master Plan

The Colwood Age-Friendly Community Plan outlines opportunities to make our City more welcoming, comfortable and safe for people of all ages and all levels of mobility.
Colwood Age-Friendly Community Plan