Do I need a Building Permit?  If your renovation plans include moving interior walls or making structural repairs, building a new deck or accessory building, you may need a permit. A permit ensures the safety of your family and your home and saves you time and money by making sure the work is done right the first time.

Application Requirements:

Specific information is or may be required for the following:

Home Renovations

Wood decks are considered structures and therefore must comply with the current BC Building Code and Colwood's Land Use Bylaw. A building permit is required for a new deck or for structural alterations to an existing one. Concrete patios installed on grade do not require a permit.

Accessory Buildings
In most cases, the owner is required to obtain a building permit prior to the construction of an accessory building, such as a shed or garage. If, however, you are constructing an accessory building of less than 10m2 (108 ft2) in area and it does not create a hazard, a building permit is not required. You must still ensure full compliance with Colwood's Land Use bylaw, such as setbacks to property line and lot coverage regulations.

  • Site Plan*
  • Roof Drawing
  • BC Land Survey

*Site Plan

  • If you cannot locate the legal survey pins bounding your property, you may have to obtain a legal survey to identify the property and location of all existing and proposed buildings.
  • Show all existing and proposed structures on the property, sizes and distances between property lines and other structures.
  • Indicate location and method of handling perimeter and roof rain water drainage.

Your building permit application may be reviewed by the Planning, Engineering and the Building Department. If additional information is required in order for staff to complete the necessary plan review, the applicant will be contacted. When the permit is ready and the required fees have been paid, the permit will be issued .