If the plans you propose for a property are outside what is allowed by the Land Use Bylaw, Sign Bylaw or Subdivision Bylaw, you may need to apply for a Development Variance Permit. For example, how far back a house can be from the property line may require a variance. Variances cannot change the use or density provisions of a zone. See the City's Zoning Map.

Step 1:

To begin the development process, visit or call the City's Planning Department at 250-478-5999.

Staff will research the property, explain related policies and plans and let you know if there are issues you should consider. You may also want to review the City’s Land Use Bylaw and Official Community Plan to see how your project fits within those guidelines. A call to the Engineering Department can help you determine what municipal services are available on the property.

Step 2:

Contact nearby property owners to advise them of the proposal and post the notification sign provided by the Planning Department. This helps to identify and resolve concerns at the outset. Planning staff can advise how much public consultation your proposal requires.

Step 3:

Submit your Development Application, including required fees as well as development plans and site maps described in the application. Upon receipt of your application, the Director of Planning may ask for additional information such as density calculations, parking plans, and tree preservation plans.