Interested in a Pre-Application Meeting? 

If you are applying for a Rezoning, OCP amendment and/or subdivision we recommend you email requesting a pre-application meeting.

A request MUST include the following information:

  • The address of the property in question
  • A survey plan, areal image or site plan illustrating the property’s current condition.
  • A conceptual site plan OR plan of subdivision clearly illustrating the proposed development: North arrow, street names, proposed buildings/structures, clearly differentiated existing and proposed property lines, etc.
  • A data table summarizing the proposed land use regulations: density, setbacks, height, etc.
  • A list of questions you are seeking answers to during the pre-application meeting.

Staff will aim to schedule a pre-application meeting within 10-business days of receiving a request for a meeting, provided the request includes the above listed items. Pre-application meetings are limited to 30-minutes unless, the planner assigned to your file determines the scope of the proposal or nature of your questions warrants a longer discussion.

While we are unable to offer pre-application meetings for all application types, we encourage you to contact or call us at 250-294-8153 with general land use questions or questions about any application process.