During winter storm season it is a good idea to have trees inspected to ensure that their structure or stability has not been compromised.

If you are concerned about a park, boulevard or private tree report the issue or call Colwood Public Works at 250-474-4133. Before any major tree work or removal, please learn about Tree Permits in Colwood as we work together to protect our urban forest canopy wherever possible.

You can also call one of the many private tree companies for information. However, make sure the individual that evaluates your tree is qualified to do so. We recommend ISA Arborist Certification or other recognized certifications such as a BC Certified Tree Risk Assessor.

Dealing with Tree Damage Safely

Homeowners should consider several tips when their property is affected by a storm:

  • Approach with caution. Check for downed power lines or hanging limbs. Please refer to BC Hydro tips about Trees and Safety.
  • Always think safety. Don't stand under trees that have broken branches that look like they're ready to fall. If you need a ladder or a chain saw you should contact certified arborist prior to pruning or tree removal.
  • Determine whose tree it is. Confirm whether the tree is the responsibility of the homeowner or the City and whether it is a protected tree. Contact City Hall at 250-478-5999 for more information.
  • Contact your insurance company. Take photos of the storm damage and document what property structures were affected for insurance purposes.
  • Assess the damage. Is the tree generally healthy? Trees have amazing recovery capacity, but the larger or more important the limb, the harder it will be for the tree to recover. A tree with less than 50% of its foliage remaining may not be able to sustain itself in the future.

Collect branches and yard waste to bring to the next Colwood Branch Drop Off at City Hall.