**Note: the Sooke Road - Langford to View Royal Border gauge is not working as one unit is currently disabled at Colwood Corners while improvements are underway in that area. 

Long-term Comparative Traffic Data

Colwood's traffic monitoring system gives the City access to an ever growing dataset that provides historical and comparative travel times and speeds on each collection route. The data allows us to understand the normal performance of a route, note anomalies, make adjustments, measure the impact of adjustments, and inform broader transportation plans. Data can be used to guide road and sidewalk improvements, transit upgrades, traffic signal timing and overall traffic modeling. Learn about other transportation initiatives at www.colwood.ca/GoColwood.

Current road improvements may temporarily increase travel times by approximately 2 minutes during morning and afternoon peaks

The graph below shows peak morning and afternoon travel times from Veterans Memorial Parkway at Latoria Road to Veterans Memorial Parkway at Sooke Road over the past year.

Between April and July 2022 the data shows an approximate 2 minute increase in travel times during lane closures for road improvements at the Allandale District, which leveled off in August 2022.

At the end of August 2022 the data shows a similar increase with the start of construction in preparation for the roundabout at Veterans Memorial Parkway and Latoria Road. Once complete, travel times are expected to return to average despite a growing population.

Pedestrian and Cycling Data

The CRD has a counter on the Galloping Goose Regional Trail at Wale Road that provides insight into pedestrian and cycling activity in Colwood. In 2021 the count of trail users totaled 277,823, an average of 761 pedestrians and cyclists every day. View the data.

Real Time Traffic Dashboard

This dashboard provides the current travel time on the noted routes (click the route name to view a map). It is provided to demonstrate the type of data the City uses to plan transportation improvements. This tool can help residents determine the best times to travel and which route to take.

Please note: Brief interruptions between Bluetooth and Telus towers may result in gauges showing zero momentarily.

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