Nestled along more than 7 km of breathtaking oceanfront and set among some of the most beautiful parks and trails on Southern Vancouver Island, the City of Colwood is bursting with potential and poised for significant growth over the next 20 years and beyond.

New commercial and residential development is focused in the town centre at Colwood Corners and in the seaside village at Royal Bay, Royal Beach and Olympic View, where new homes, schools, shopping, dining and businesses are currently being built on nearly 500 acres of land set along the ocean.

The City's 2018 Official Community Plan lays out a strong vision that will ensure the community maintains its natural, historical, family friendly feel as it enjoys the benefits that growth will bring. 

Colwood Residentail Building Statistics

The following statistics are summarized from the City's monthly building reports submitted to Statistics Canada. For more information, contact Colwood Building Services.

Construction value represents the total value of completed projects, not revenue earned by municipalities. Municipalities collect building permit fees, and new buildings are generally subject to property tax. The revenue from new construction is applied to the costs associated with new construction, such as expanded road networks, storm and sewer systems, parks, trails, and other infrastructure which all requires maintenance, repair and replacement over time.

# New Residential Dwellings

2019: 475
2020: 217
2021: 352
2022: 210


$ Estimated Residential Construction Value by Year

2019: $62,267,410
2020: $49,825,333
2021: $74,998,000
2022: $98,324,000