Go Colwood is a set of initiatives in progress that aim to improve how we move around Colwood, whether traveling on foot, bicycle, wheelchair, scooter, bus or car.

A multi-faceted approach

Great transportation relies on land use planning that creates complete neighbourhoods with shops, services, job opportunities as well as infrastructure that allows people to realistically choose to walk, cycle or scooter from their home to their work, recreation and daily shopping needs. 

Convenient transit happens naturally in these neighbourhoods, because the number of people living there makes it cost effective for BC Transit to schedule frequent trips.

Traffic is less congested because more people work within the community, there are realistic alternatives to driving for those who commute, and people choose to walk or cycle for shorter trips because it's safe, convenient and enjoyable.

All of these steps are required to increase enjoyment, enhance safety, reduce congestion and shorten commute times.

Steps to success 

Colwood's 5-Year Financial Plan budgets for ongoing infrastructure upgrades to provide more transportation choices for residents and make it safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable to move in and through Colwood. Coupled with the new local jobs and amenities that will come with Colwood Corners, Royal Bay, Royal Beach, Allandale District and the Wale District, Colwood has all the pieces in place to vastly improve how we move around and enjoy our community.

Watch for transportation initiatives to roll out, including:

  • Active Transportation Plan - priority routes determined by Council using data-driven criteria where new sidewalks and cycling lanes will be constructed over the next 10 years. Construction has three major phases: Scoping in year 1, Design in year 2 and Construction in year 3. 
  • Colwood Transportation Master Plan - the 2015 plan will be updated to reflect current conditions and projections
  • Galloping Goose overpass on Sooke Road - The City has applied for grants to construct a pedestrian and cycling bridge over Sooke Road to create a safe connection from the Wale Road trail crossing.
  • Traffic Impact Analysis for Royal Bay, Royal Beach and Olympic View including future consideration of widening Latoria Road (see graphic below which is available in greater detail at the link)
  • BC Transit Island Highway priority bus lanes beginning with queue jump lanes for buses at major intersections along Sooke Road/Island Highway
  • Sooke Road: Designs for sidewalks and cycling lanes between Metchosin and Veterans Memorial Parkway
  • Metchosin Road: Designs for sidewalks and cycling lanes between Sooke Road and Royal Bay
  • Painter Road: Designs for sidewalk and cycling improvements
  • Veterans Memorial Parkway + Allandale Road: Road construction with new boulevards, landscaping, lighting and underground services adjacent to the Allandale District development
  • Latoria Road + Veterans Memorial Parkway Roundabout: Intersection upgrades at Latoria Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway where the Olympic View development has begun (see graphic below which is available in the Traffic Impact Analysis linked above)
  • Waterfront Walkway: Concepts for a multi-use trail along the waterfront, including a 4.4 km trail connecting the Lagoon Beach to Royal Beach, as well as exploring longer term options for a continuous trail along Colwood's entire coast, from the DND property that borders View Royal through Fort Rodd Hill to Colwood's beaches
  • Traffic monitoring: to provide travel data for drivers and inform transportation improvements to ease congestion
  • Ride Sharing: Connecting people who are traveling to the same destination
  • Colwood Corners frontage improvements with new sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, cycling and bus lanes on Sooke Road
  • Wale Road frontage improvements with new sidewalks, lighting, landscaping, cycling and bus lanes
  • Royal Bay Commons: new streets, parks, walking, cycling and trail connections throughout the Royal Bay neighbourhood
  • Crosswalk upgrade program - ongoing throughout Colwood
  • Road paving program - ongoing throughout Colwood
  • Bus stop improvement program - ongoing throughout Colwood
  • Traffic calming initiatives - ongoing in identified locations
  • Wayfinding and signage upgrades for parks, trails and points of interest
  • Off-street parking reivew
  • Parks & Recreation Master Plan that will also provide strategic direction for trail connections

More information will be shared as projects roll out. Additional details about transportation initiatives to enhance mobility can be found in Colwood's Financial Plan and Strategic Plan.