In 2019, Colwood reactivated its Heritage Commission to bring renewed focus to the conservation and promotion of heritage sites within the City. Information about the Commission and related resources can be found on the Heritage Commission page. 

Colwood Heritage Vision Statement

The Commission created this vision statement to guide the direction of heritage efforts:

Colwood takes bold steps to protect its surviving built heritage resources and implements innovative approaches to conserve and celebrate its intangible heritage and historically important landscapes.

By the year 2025 Colwood is widely viewed as a national leader in heritage conservation and the community's understanding and support of what we have saved for future generations has generated significant pride of place.

Colwood Heritage Inventory

The City of Colwood does not currently have a Heritage Registry. However, a Heritage Inventory was created in 1988, listing properties deemed to have historical significance at that time.

In 2021, the Commission will revisit this inventory to confirm the status of those sites.