Rezoning Applications:

Listed below are Rezoning Applications recently received by the City. Please see Rezoning Applications for the rezoning process.

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RZ # Location Purpose Date Received Staff Report   
RZ-22-008 586/588 Latoria Road Joint OCP and Zoning Amendment application to enable the development and construction of a 6-storey multi-unit residential building consisting of 122 units. April 25, 2022 Under revieew by staff
RZ-22-006 681 Allandale Road Text Amendment to Land use Bylaw to allow for retail sale of Cannabis. April 5, 2022 Under Review by staff
RZ-22-005 508 Windthrop Road Single family (with suites) residential subdivision, 12 bare land strata lots. March 21, 2022 Under Review by Staff
RZ-22-004 365 Latoria Boulevard (Area 2 of the CD28 Zone)

Rezoning application is for a text amendment to Area 2 of the CD28 Zone to include “professional and medical offices” as a permitted use on the first storey of a mixed-use building that will front a public road.

March 7, 2022


RZ-22-002 595 Bezanton Way Zoning Amendment Application to enable the construction of a 6-storey mixed-use residential building comprising of 113 dwelling units.  Environmental Assessment   Geotechnical Report January 21, 2022 Under review by staff
RZ-21-014 1752 Island Hwy Zoning Amendment Application to enable the construction of a 6- storey  mixed use residential building comprised of 80 rental units and 301 m2 of ground floor commercial space. November 8, 2021 Report
RZ-21-012 620 Medalist Avenue

Joint OCP and Zoning Amendment Application to enable the construction of a 5- storey residential building with a total of 34 dwelling units on the subject property.

October 13, 2021 Report
RZ-21-011 3601 Olympian Way Joint OCP and Zoning Amendment Application to enable the construction of a 7- storey residential building with a total of 90 dwelling units on the subject property. October 13, 2021


RZ-21-010 2350 Sooke Road

Rezoning application to permit 6 storey, 83 unit rental building + 82 m2 commercial plus 144 underground parking spaces.

September 13, 2021

Minutes of PH


RZ-21-007 2353 & 2361  Sooke Road Rezoning Application to enable the construction of 1,375 m² of commercial space including a car wash, gas bar, convenience store and other retail uses. June 14, 2021 Report
RZ-21-006  3211 Jacklin Road Rezoning Application to enable the construction of a mixed-used building comprised of 52 dwelling units and 485 m² of ground floor commercial. May 31, 2021 Under Review


791 Drummond Way Rezoning Application for Strata Development of 43 Townhomes. June 9, 2021


Adopted - April 11, 2022


3554 Ryder Hesjedal Way

Rezoning application is to create an additional 5 storey, 57-unit rental building with underground parking.  Development Permit issued for Phase 1 – 72-unit rental building with underground parking. July 14, 2021 Report

Listed below are development permits recently issued by the City.

A development permit (DP) is issued to property owners following thorough review of a proposed development to ensure it meets the policies and objectives of the Official Community Plan, as well as the City's environmental and design guidelines. Please note: After a DP is issued, the proponent may apply for a building permit to begin construction. 

DP # Location Purpose Date Issued
DP-22-07 210 Lagoon Road

Addition to an existing home.

April 14, 2022
DP-22-05 212 Seafield Road Accessory Dwelling March 24, 2022
DP-22-04 805 Cuaulta Cres Clearing of Lands March 18, 2022
DP-22-02 Parcel G, Royal Bay 117 Unit Strata Apartment building with 2 levels of underground parking March 22, 2022
DP-21-24 51 Lagoon Road Form and character of a single-family dwelling with a secondary suite. February 7, 2022
DP-21-23 3334 Sandpiper Street Single-family dwelling with a Secondary Suite. February 11, 2022
DP-21-21 594 Latoria Road Eight Storey Mixed-use Building - 138 residential  rental units and a ground floor consisting of mixed commercial and amenity space March 2, 2021
DP-21-20 Sector 7 Royal Bay

Approximately 45 single family dwellings and associated site improvements.

November 15, 2021
DP-21-019A 3438 Ryder Hesjedal Way

Supplement to DP-21-019 & DVP21-013

May 17, 2022
DP-21-19 3438 Ryder Hesjedal Way 13 Townhomes Units, Murrays Pond March 3, 2021
DP-21-18 681 Allandale - Lot B Commercial Retail Centre March 22, 2022
DP-22-17 2231 Sooke Road 2 Storey Commercial/Office Building March 22, 2022
DP-21-15 650 Allandale

The construction of three mixed-use small-bay industrial buildings

November 2, 2021
DP-21-14 ONNI Colwood Corners Environmental Protection and guidelines for areas designated as Riparian & Marine Shoreline. February 10, 2022
DP-21-13 571 Bezanton Way Construction of a strata development containing 17 dwelling units. January 31, 2022
DP-21-12 3221 Heatherbell Road Upgrading and Improvements to Culverts August 16, 2021
DP-21-11 3322 Fulton Road Construction of a residential driveway November 9, 2021
DP-21-10 3921 Olympian Way Construction of 7 Duplexes October 1, 2021
DP-21-08 Royal Bay Sector 7  DP to authorise the alteration of land and landscape on the land for Sector 7 August 17, 2021
DP-21-07 525 Gurunanlk Lane Residential Single Family Lot June 1, 2021
DP-21-06 3275 Anchorage Avenue Single Family Dwelling August 18, 2021
DP-21-05 681 Allandale Road (Seaspan) Steep Slope DP Guidelines March 15, 2021
DP-21-04 245 Caspian Drive Single Family Dwelling May 18, 2021
DP-21-03 3323 Pipit Place Single Family Dwelling w/secondary suite Feb. 16, 2021
DP-21-02 The Commons at Royal Bay Shopping Centre June 16, 2021
DP-21-01 675 Meaford Avenue Parking Area April 27, 2021
DP-20-31 255 Caspian Drive Approx 83 Attached Dwelling Units Feb. 19, 2021
DP-20-29 Royal Bay Sector 4 & & Environmental (Riparian) Development Permit Feb. 26, 2021
DP-20-28 3335 Curlew Street Single Family Dwelling Dec. 14, 2020
DP-20-27 727 Grousewood Place Clearing of Lands Sept. 20, 2021
DP-20-26 209 Caspian Drive Approx. 5 Single-detached Dwelling Units Nov. 16, 2020
DP-20-25 Meadford Avenue Development of a Riparian Habitat Dec. 10, 2020
DP-20-24 85 Belmont / 1901 Jerome 15 Story, 121 Apartment Unit Dec. 10, 2020
DP-20-23 3372 Curlew Street Single Family Dwelling Dec. 14, 2020
DP-20-22 210 Portsmouth Drive Development of a Marine Foreshore Oct. 1, 2020
DP-20-21 1764 Island Highway The Construction of three mixed-use industrial/commercial Buildings Oct. 15, 2021
DP-20-20 237, 229, 221, & 213, Caspian Drive Approx. 58 Attached Dwelling Units Oct. 5, 2020
DP-20-19 Royal Bay Sector 4 Approx 4 Single Family Sites Oct. 26, 2021
DP-20-18 3345 Hatley Drive Addition to Existing SFD July 31, 2020
DP-20-15A Royal Bay Sector 4 (Amendment) Approx 126 Single Family Dwellings May 17, 2021
DP-20-15 Royal Bay Sector 4 Approx. 126 Single Family Dwellings Feb. 17, 2021
DP-20-14 Royal Bay (Amending DP-19-13) Approx 76 Single Family Dwellings July 14, 2020
DP-20-13 265 Caspian Drive Approx. 8 two-family dwelling units Oct. 14, 2020
DP-20-12 360 Latoria Blvd. Approx. 72 Attached Dwelling Units Sept. 21, 2020
DP-20-09B 3221 Heatherbell Road Amendment to DP-20-09 February 10, 2022
DP-20-09A 3221 Heatherbell Road Amendment to DP-20-09 Nov. 2, 2021
DP-20-09 3221 Heatherbell Road Residential Dwellings Jan. 22, 2021
DP-20-08 651 Allandale Road Car Dealership & Associated Site Improvements April 23, 2021
DP-20-07 Allandale Lot A Business Park for Light Industrial Multi-tenant use. Nov. 16, 2020
DP-20-06 Seafield Properties Single Family Dwellings, 35 Lots April 30, 2021
DP-20-05 3111 Havenwood Lane Site Improvements March 17, 2020
DP-20-04 319 & 320 Song Sparrow Place Two Single Family Dwellings March 13, 2020
DP-20-03 535 Delora Drive 6 Storey Apt. Building w/approx. 48 Units March 16, 2021
DP-20-02 468 Goldstream Avenue Condominium Complex Approx. 194 Units with Commercial Space July 31, 2020
DP-20-01 3510 Wishart Road 12 Single Family Homes April 28, 2020

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