Lots of exciting improvements are happening in Colwood that might cause some delays on the roads.

Check traffic before you go

Use the information below to choose the best time and route for your trip. Whenever possible, we encourage people to travel outside peak hours, leave a few minutes earlier, or choose an alternate route. The City is able to monitor traffic in real time and work with contractors to coordinate work as much as possible and make adjustments as needed. Sometimes projects are scheduled concurrently to shorten the overall impact on traffic.

Traffic delays are expected in several areas

3510 Wishart Road - July to October
Construction of underground servicing and frontatge works
View the Traffic Advisory 

Colwood Corners on Sooke Road - through to October
Sidewalks, cycling, transit, lighting, landscaping + services
View the Traffic Advisory with the schedule of works and the Overall Site Plan showing location of works.
July 15 CRD Water Works

BC Hydro in multiple locations
Improving service throughout the West Shore

Royal Bay on Metchosin Road and Latoria Boulevard
Construction of storm drain May 27 - June 20, 2021
Works to enable ongoing development in Royal Bay and Royal Beach

Allandale District on Veterans Memorial Parkway
Steel plates to protect the roadway with site preparation, road works and servicing planned to enable new development

Olympic View on Latoria Road
Roundabout at Latoria + Veterans Memorial Parkway

New sidewalks on Metchosin Road & Painter Road - Summer 2021
Enhancing active transportation & safe routes to schools
See plans for Painter Road and Metchosin Road

Sewer installation on Delora Drive - May 10-21
More details about sewer work on Delora Drive

Traffic control in construction zones

Safe practices for traffic control are mandated through the Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways which is published by the Ministry of Transportation. All certified traffic control companies are required to abide by this document. Please do your part by obeying all directions and signs.

Temporary road surfaces in active work zones

It will be bumpy in the active work zone, so please take your time. When several stages of work are required, temporary asphalt is often put in place to allow for repeated underground access at each stage of the project. It would increase the length of the project and add significant cost to have contractors mill out the existing trench and repave the surface each time.