Colwood is taking action to address and protect the community from the risks of climate change. In 2019 Council declared a Climate Emergency in response to the urgent need to reduce global warming and adapt to a changing climate. In August 2023, Council endorsed the Climate Planning Foundations Report and a new Climate Action Plan. See below for information about climate action in Colwood.

Colwood's Climate Action Plan takes an integrated approach to:

  • climate mitigation (reducing emissions to net zero by 2050 or sooner)
  • adaptation (adapting to thrive in a changing climate)
  • maximizing community co-benefits

See the links below for information on climate action in Colwood.

Annual Climate Reporting

In our efforts to track and reduce emissions, Colwood annually posts a GHG Summary & Corporate Emissions Inventory.  This inventory is also provided to the province along with an annual report for the Local Government Climate Action Program (LGCAP) funding.  In the future Colwood will be providing public annual reports to update progress on our Climate Action Plan.  The following are the most recent reports from Colwood:

Climate Action Pathways

The following are key pathways of climate action for Colwood.  Learn more about what Colwood is doing, how you can be involved, and priority climate actions for Colwood residents.  

Municipal Leadership 

The City of Colwood has a strong commitment to climate action. Learn more about the City’s leadership efforts and new initiatives.

Sustainable Transportation

Transportation is the largest source of GHG emissions in Colwood.  This is one of our highest priority areas for climate action and will including Colwood investments and initiatives for active transportation, electrifying the Colwood fleet, and information for residents on electric vehicles (including resources, rebates and charging stations).

Sustainable Buildings & Infrastructure 

Colwood is working to support climate action through sustainable new buildings and retrofitting existing buildings for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources (e.g. heat pumps). Watch for updates related to new construction requirements and building retrofit planning, initiatives and resources.

Biodiversity & Nature-Based Solutions

Biodiversity loss and climate change are interconnected crises.  Learn more about current and future opportunities to protect and enhance biodiversity and to use nature-based solutions for climate action.

Food & Zero Waste 

Colwood is working to reduce the impacts of waste through reduced consumption, zero waste, and supporting a circular economy. Working with partners to divert compostable organic waste and paper from the landfill, reduce emissions from waste, and increase locally grown and consumed foods are a few objectives Colwood is striving for. Learn about the Community Garden, Colwood's Branch Drop Off, and waste options for our region. 

Community Well Being & Eco-Innovation

Colwood is a community of climate champions. Check out current community initiatives and City programs to support the community.