Download the GOCO app to connect with others who are traveling in the same direction! It's a great way to share the cost of gas, decrease the number of cars on the road and reduce emissions that contribute to climate change. 

Who is GOCO for?

In most cases, GOCO users will know each other, being from the same neighbourhood and studying or working at the same school or organization.

GOCO makes it easy for students who travel to the University of Victoria, Royal Roads or Camosun College Campuses to connect and share the cost of gas. 

Think of all the BC Government, Island Health or CFB Esquimalt employees who drive from outlying communities into the same offices, hospitals and facilities each day. 

Or event goers who could share a ride to events like SunFest, Rifflandia, Eats & Beats or Canada Day Celebrations.

Why use GOCO?

GOCO's goal is to help reduce the number of cars on the road, ease traffic congestion and parking woes, all while reducing ghg emissions.

And with gas prices soaring, GOCO makes sharing the cost of the trip a given rather than the driver having to ask passengers to contribute, which can be awkward. Splitting the cost benefits everyone involved.

It's not all about driving

The app encourages neighbours interested in cycling or walking to share their routes and experiences, and can be used as a platform for commuter challenges and contests to encourage active transportation and have fun doing it. 

How it works

Post a ride: When you make your travel plans, you can quickly create a trip with a pick up and drop off location on a specified date with a specified number of seats available. The app suggests a cost per seat based on the distance of the trip. Another registered user can then request a ride, and a chat function allows you to finalize the details.

Request a ride: Headed to a destination you suspect others in your neighbourhood may be traveling to as well? Post a ride request! 

Catch a ride to an event: Users can find and add events to the GOCO app, then encourage attendees to travel together as a way to encourage attendance while reducing parking stress and promoting the many environmental benefits of sharing a ride. 

Read more about getting started and frequently asked questions.

GOCO… Catch a ride, Share the cost, Help the planet.

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