A catalyst for sustainable growth

A strengthened business sector that creates greater opportunity for residents to live, work and do business within Colwood will attract investment, workers and visitors to our City, providing the strong economic base needed to address other City issues.

Colwood's Economic Development Strategy was approved by Colwood Council on September 29, 2014.The plan was developed with significant input from stakeholders through interviews, surveys, public meetings and open houses. 

In January 2015, the Colwood Economic Development and Innovation Committee was struck to guide implementation of the strategies outlined in the plan.

View the Colwood Economic Development Strategy

Colwood's natural advantage

The City of Colwood has exceptional economic potential with breathtaking ocean waterfront, several national historic sites, abundant forested green space and prime development sites available. The City is well positioned for healthy and sustainable growth, with excellent connectivity to larger urban centres and a youthful and upbeat community of people. Read more about Colwood.

Inviting Improvement

Every City has challenges to overcome. Colwood is ready to hear from the people who live and work in our City. What works and what do we need to do better?

Community members and stakeholders were invited to share their views through interviews, surveys, and a public open house, and join the conversation on twitter and facebook.

The Plan

The City has struck a new Economic Development committee with membership from the business and development community along with City staff and Council members. This standing committee will guide the economic development strategy process and ensure successful implementation of the plan. The experienced team at Millier Dickinson Blais have been engaged to assist the City in the creation of a sustainable Economic Development Strategy that will propel Colwood to realize it's incredible potential.

Phase 1 - Invite input from the community and conduct stakeholder interviews

Phase 2 - Analyze demographics, labour force and land

Phase 3 - Analyze opportunities and challenges related to industry, economic, social, technological environmental factors

Phase 4 - Complete Visioning, Strategic Focus and Action Planning

Phase 5 - Conduct community validation and present final Economic Development Strategy