Signs That Do Not Require a Sign Permit

The following signs may be placed without a permit:

  • Two unlighted temporary signs up to 1.5m2 (16.2ft2) each or one unlighted temporary up to 3m2 (32.3ft2)
  • Directional signs of not more than 0.4m2 (4.2ft2)
  • Traffic control devices
  • “No Trespassing” signs
  • Site signs
  • Window signs 
  • Signs erected by the City of Colwood, the Government of British Columbia or the Government of Canada
  • Signs authorized by Council resolution advertising a community event or authorized by agreement with the City for bus shelter signs

Sign Permit Application

To apply for a Sign Permit, complete a Sign Permit Application and submit it to Colwood City Hall, or along with drawings of the proposed signage. 

Once an application is submitted, a fee slip will be sent to the contact email provided in the application. It takes approximately 5-7 business days for the application to be processed from the time the application fee is paid. 

More information on signage requirements and what signs are permitted in your zone is available in the Colwood Sign Bylaw

Have more questions about Sign Permits?

For more information on Sign Permits or the Sign Bylaw, contact Development Services at 250-294-8153 or