The City of Colwood calculates and prepares all property tax notices each year. Tax notices are issued near the end of May and tax payments are due on the first business day after July 1st.

2017 Tax Notices have been mailed. If you don't receive your notice by May 26th, please call the Colwood Finance department at 250-294-8150.

Read the 2017 Property Tax Newsletter [PDF].

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Property Tax Rates

Property taxation provides for city services and improvement projects. The property tax rate is set by Council each year. The tax rate, together with the assessed property value, determines the amount of property tax payable each year. 

See the 2017 Tax Rate Schedule (Mill Rates) [PDF] and check “Where your tax dollars go” for more information.

Where your tax dollars go

Less than half of the revenue from property taxes is controlled by the City of Colwood. Funds collected for other government agencies are simply passed on to them. This makes the system more efficient – residents receive a single tax notice rather than having each organization bill separately.

The City collects approximately $30 million in property tax annually. Approximately $15 million is collected on behalf of other government agencies, including:

The nearly $15 million that is retained by the City funds city services such as police and fire protection, street lighting, road and drainage maintenance, operating parks and recreational facilities, and planning and managing city developments and enhancements.

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Please contact the Colwood Finance Department at or 250-294-8150