The Home Owner Grant is designed to help reduce the amount of residential property tax homeowners are required to pay. It is administered by the Home Owner Grant Administration Branch of the Ministry of Small Business and Revenue.

Claim your Home Owner Grant online

*If you have not yet claimed your 2020 Home Owner Grant, please call City Hall at 250-478-5999 before December 22, 2020.*

You will need two pieces of information from the top right hand corner of your property tax notice: the folio number of your property and the EHOG PIN number. 

Once you have claimed your Home Owen Grant online, you will receive a reference ID for your application, to retain for your records. If you include an email address with your application (optional), you will receive an email confirming submission of your grant application to the City.

If you do not claim your grant by the Property Tax Due Date, a 10% penalty may be applied on the unpaid amount of the Home Owner Grant.

Don't wait to claim your Home Owner Grant

The Home Owner Grant must be claimed by the Property Tax Due Date to avoid penalty. To obtain the grant, you must either complete the application form on the front of your property tax notice or claim your grant electronically.

You may claim your Home Owner Grant as soon as you receive your property tax notice, then make your property tax payment later. Only one eligible owner needs to apply.

If your mortgage company or other agent pays your property taxes, it is your responsibility to claim the grant by completing the Home Owner Grant application online or delivering it to Colwood City Hall on or before the Property Tax Due Date.

Types of Home Owner Grants

There are two types of Home Owner Grants: the basic grant and the additional grant. The basic grant may reduce your property taxes by as much as $570. The additional grant may reduce your taxes by as much as $845. Homeowners may only apply for one grant in the calendar year. The Home Owner Grant does not apply to delinquent taxes or penalties, interest or fees.

The grant is available to Canadian citizens or holders of permanent residency status in Canada who live in British Columbia. The homeowner must also occupy the home as his/her principal residence.

Did you forget to claim your Home Owner Grant last year?

For retroactive applications for the Home Owner Grant, please contact the Finance Department at 250-294-8150 or Read more on the Province of BC website.