The Parks, Trails, and Recreation Committee (the Committee) members are appointed by Council to contribute and improve Council decision making. Further details of Committee purpose, authority, membership and procedures is offered in the Terms of Reference

The Committee shall be comprised of:

  • Five (5) community members;
    • Catrin Brown
    • Carol Brown
    • Chris Schaalo
    • Judy Nault
    • Kimberleigh Doyle
  • One (1) member of Council to serve as Chair and one (1) member of Council appointed as alternate;
    • Councillor Jordison (Chair)
    • Councillor Olsen (Alternate)
  • Sooke School District No. 62 may assign one (1) trustee as a non-voting representative;
  • Westshore Parks and Recreation may assign one (1) trustee as a non-voting representative.

Staff liaison and resources (non-voting) members shall include:

  • Senior Member of Parks Department (1)
  • Senior Member of the Public Works Department (1)
  • Senior Member of the Community Planning Department (1)
  • Corporate Services Recording Secretary (1)

Meeting Schedule:

The Committee shall meet four (4) times a year at 2:30 PM on the first Monday of February, April, June, and October.

Agendas and minutes can be found at