Colwood Council recognizes that access to recreation and community programming is important for health, well-being and quality of life.

Colwood's Parks & Recreation Master Plan identifies the need for more recreational and community facility space as our population grows.

The City has the opportunity now to secure land in the Royal Bay development to plan for a future Colwood Community Centre intended to provide additional recreational and social service space for our growing community.

The City is working with the Royal Bay developer and other partners to create a draft park management plan for the new Quarry Park that is to be created on the south side of Latoria Boulevard with connections to Latoria Creek Park.

The Quarry Park Management Plan will be split into two phases: North and South. The Royal Bay development team is set to begin work on the north end of Quarry Park in 2024 with amenities like a community playground and a bike skills park. The South portion of the park is under development and includes plans for the new Colwood Community Centre. School District 62 is also in the planning phase for a future elementary school adjacent to Quarry Park. In the spring of 2024, City will be seeking community input on the draft Quarry Park Management Plan, which will include draft plans for the South phase and the proposed Colwood Community Centre.

Envisioning an inviting and inclusive Colwood Community Centre

In 2023, the City of Colwood prepared a feasibility study to examine all aspects of a proposed community centre, including community, economic, technical, and environmental considerations. The feasibility study establishes a vision for the community centre and outlines the space requirements, conceptual plan, and Class D cost estimates. The comprehensive feasibility study positions the City well to apply for grants that would allow for such a project to proceed. 

The vision for the Colwood Community Centre is to provide a spectrum of local, publicly accessible, and affordable community programming and recreational opportunities. A mix of multi-use adaptable spaces will support community health, safety and wellness in an inviting and inclusive community space that welcomes all Colwood residents, broader community members, and partners. 

The feasibility study outlines a plan for multi-use flex spaces, a fitness centre, and potential for child care, community, and gymnasium spaces.

Review the full Colwood Community Centre Feasibility Study

Watch for opportunities to provide input

As part of the Quarry Park planning process, the City will be asking community members and other stakeholders to provide comments on the conceptual plans for the Colwood Community Centre and its integration with the surrounding parkland.