Colwood is currently seeking one Citizen Representative for the Sooke and West Shore Region Literacy Project. 

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Public meetings

City business is discussed in public meetings that residents are encouraged to attend.

In addition to Colwood Council meetings, City business is discussed at Committee of the Whole meetings. Committee of the Whole offers a less formal setting where members of the public have opportunities to speak. 

Select and standing committees are in place to discuss issues related to a specific topic. 

Commission  Heritage Commission
Standing Committees Emergency Planning 
  Board of Variance
Select Committees  Waterfront Stewardship
  Active Transportation
  Parks, Trails, and Recreation
  Planning and Land Use

External Committees, Commissions and Boards

Council members are appointed to a variety of external committees, commissions and boards. 

BC Transit Commission Member: -  
CRD Board/CRD Hospital Board Director: Mayor Kobayashi Alternate: Councillor Ward
CRD Housing Corporation Board Director: Mayor Kobayashi Alternate: Councillor Ward
CRD Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee Director: - Alternate: -
CRD First Nations Relations Committee Director: - Alternate: -
CRD Hospitals and Housing Committee Director: - Alternate: -
CRD Regional Parks Committee Director: - Alternate: -
CRD Regional Water Supply Commission  Director: Councillor Jordison Alternate: Councillor Olsen
CRD Juan de Fuca Water Distribution Commission  Chair: Councillor Grove Alternate: Councillor Olsen
CRD Emergency Service Telecommunications - CREST Director/AGM Delegate: Councillor Jantzen Alternate: Councillor Jordison
Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association (GVLRA) Director/AGM Delegate: Councillor Grove Alternate: Councillor Ward
Greater Victoria Public Library Board Board Member: Councillor Ward  
Intermunicipal Advisory Committee on Disability Issues Member: Councillor Jordison Alternate: Councillor Olsen
South Island Prosperity Partnership Project Member: Councillor Grove Alternate: Councillor Jordison
Te'Mexw Treaty Advisory Committee Member: Mayor Kobayashi Alternate: Councillor Day
Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee Member: Councillor Day Alternate: Councillor Jordison
Westshore Chamber of Commerce Representative: Councillor Olsen Alternate: Councillor Ward
Westshore Parks and Recreation Director: Councillor Jantzen Alternate: Councillor Olsen