Care for your Colwood cul-de-sac

We know that Colwood residents take pride in their yards and their neighbourhoods, and that cul-de-sacs are more than streets: they are places that provide opportunities for play and social connection, as well as beautiful plantings.

The City of Colwood is creating opportunities for neighbours to get involved in enhancing and caring for cul-de-sac gardens. With that in mind, we’ve created planting plans to beautify the cul-de-sacs in Colwood. For participating neighbours, we'll provide and install easy-care native plantings that add beauty and attract beneficial pollinator insects and birds.

We’d like to invite you to join the Care for your cul-de-sac program.

Here’s how the Care for your Colwood cul-de-sac program works:

  • You and/or a group of neighbours complete the Application Form and send it to to start the process.
  • The Colwood Parks team will contact you to make arrangements and then prepare the cul-de-sac garden bed and plant it according to one of Colwood's cul-de-sac planting plans.
  • The Parks team will provide participating neighbours with a brief orientation and a Checklist for the care and maintenance of the cul-de-sac garden.
  • You and your neighbours spend a little time each week tending to the garden.
  • The Checklist will include contact information for when questions arise about caring for the cul-de-sac garden. 
  • The Parks team will schedule annual visits to replenish the soil, assess plant health, and check in with you and your neighbours to assist as needed.

If you are interested, please complete this brief Application Form and send it to

Someone from the Parks team will be in touch to schedule a visit to speak with you and your neighbours about the program in more detail.