Colwood Pioneer Cemetery
537 Glencairn Lane
Victoria BC  V9B 2E8


History of Colwood Pioneer Cemetery

The Colwood Pioneer Cemetery is nestled between St. John the Baptist Heritage Church and Hatley Memorial Gardens in Colwood. It's a peaceful place, shaded by oak trees, where wildflowers grow among the graves. 

Some of Colwood's founding families can be found on the markers throughout the cemetery. Names that you might recognize from street signs around the West Shore—Peatt, Kelly, Wishart, Wale, Ridley, Pike and others. Some of the names have faded from the monuments, while other graves are unmarked. Perhaps most poignant are those that stir the imagination and pull at the heartstrings with the simplest words, like "Baby Harry".

The cemetery was established in in the 1890's on land donated by Alfred Thomas Peatt. It was managed by the Colwood Women's Institute until it was turned over to the City of Colwood in 1993.