Contact the Finance Department

3300 Wishart Road
Victoria BC, V9C 1R1
Phone: 250-294-8150
Fax: 250.478.7516
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

The Finance Department is responsible for long-term financial planning, annual budget development, investment management, general accounting and all statutory financial reporting. The finance team collaborates with departments and partners to ensure fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the City’s operations and assets.

The City collects funds from property taxes, utility payments, user fees and government grants. The Finance Department oversees the collection and distribution of these funds through the annual budget process.

The Finance Department calculates and levies property taxes, generates utility bills and processes payments for things like licenses, permits and fines. It is also responsible for insurance, risk management and the City’s employee payroll for approximately 70 full-time, part-time and casual employees.

The Finance Department is also responsible for the City’s Information Technology systems, by ensuring internal and external customers have the appropriate technology devices, information, and applications to maximize business efficiencies.

Property Taxes

Find information about BC Assessments, Property Tax billing and payments, Home Owner Grants and more on our Property Tax page.

Paying a Municipal Ticket

If you have a ticket or other bill to pay to the City, you can visit City Hall and pay by cheque, cash or interac. You can also mail your payment or drop it in our 24-hour mail slot at City Hall.

Financial Documents

The City is required to prepare a Budget and Five year Financial Plan each year. Find links to the City of Colwood's Financial Reports.