The Board of Variance is a statutory committee comprised of three volunteer representatives appointed by Council and meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.  The Board of Variance has the power to grant minor variances from the Zoning Bylaw in situations where compliance respecting the siting, dimension, or size of a building or structure would cause a person undue hardship. Decisions cannot conflict with other matters such as Land Title Act covenants, phased development agreements, permits or land use contracts or floodplain bylaw specifications.

Board of Variance members cannot be a member of the local government, an officer or employee of the local government.

The Board of Variance is required by Section 536 the Local Government Act of B.C. and is formed in accordance with the Bylaw 1747 - City of Colwood Board of Variance Bylaw, 2019.

Board of Variance Membership

  • David Adair, Citizen Member
  • Dumitru Streza, Citizen Member
  • Albert Davis, Citizen Member

Staff Points of Contact

  • Yazmin Hernandez, Manager of Development Services
  • Daniel Lake, Planning Technician
  • Kaitlyn Suzuki, Planning Technician 

For more information please refer to Bylaw 1747 - City of Colwood Board of Variance Bylaw, 2019