Bid Opportunities

Colwood bidding opportunities and related documents are posted on the British Columbia Government's web site, BC Bid. It is the responsibility of the bidder to monitor the site and check for updates, please check BC Bid regularly.

Terms & Conditions

Please read the Short Form Request for Proposals Terms & Conditions

Current Bid Opportunities

Colwood provides fair, equal competitive bid opportunities to the business community in the acquisition of supplies, services, assets, and infrastructure that provide best overall value. Opportunities are posted on BC Bid. Browse for bid opportunities by organization: City of Colwood.

2023 RFP GBPM_01 Galloping Goose Project Management
Closes November 23, 2023 @ 3:00pm
Details on BC Bid

2023 ITT TSU_02 Traffic Signalized Intersection Upgrades
Closes November 21, 2023 @ 3:00pm
Details on BC Bid


Colwood Events                                                                      

Please use the forms below if you wish to get involved with City of Colwood events. 

Food Vendors: Request for Expressions of Interest - Food Vendors for Special Events 

Musicians: Requests for Expressions of Interest - Musicians for Special Events

Market Vendors: Please go to Pacific Coast Market Collective

PAST Bid Opportunities (these opportunities have now closed)

RFP 2023_CWSR_01  Project Management and Project Design Services Colwood Waterfront Stewardship Plan Project - Closed September 7, 2023

RFP 2023 EAMS_01  Enterprise Asset Management System - Closed September 14, 2023

2023_RFP_AUD 01 External Audit Services - Closed September 1, 2023

RFP 2023 WEB_01  Colwood Website Redesign - Closed September 8, 2023

RFP 2023 HPS_01   Colwood Household Prosperity Survey - Closed September 7, 2023 

ITQ 2023_TSPC_01 Annual Traffic Signal and Pedestrian Crossing Maintenance - Closed July 13, 2023

ITQ 2023_STLM_01 Annual Streetlight Maintenance - Closed July 12, 2023 

Supply of Two (2) Flygt Pumps - Colsed June 23, 2023

ITQ 2023_EVC_01 Supply and Install EV Chargers - Closed June 16    

ITQ 2023_APW_01 Asphalt Paving Works - Closed May 26   

ITQ 2023_ZED_03 Supply and Deliver One Zero Emission Dump Truck - Closed May 11  

ITQ 2023_ZEC_01 Supply and Deliver One Zero Emission Car or CUV - Closed May 4

ITQ 2023_ZEP_02 Supply and Deliver Two Zero Emission Pickup Trucks - Closed May 4

2022_ITT_ATP_01  Colwood Active Transportation; Benhomer Dr. and Owens Rd. Sidewalks - closed November 29

RFP 2022_PAP -01   Public Art Policy Development- Closed November 3

Invitation to Tender #2022_ITT_BSE_01 Bexhill Place Sanitary Sewer Extension - Closed October 14

Request for Prequalification for Design Builder – Galloping Goose Overpass - Closed October 20

RFP 2022-IPA 01  Development of Indigenous Protocol Agreements - Closed October 14

ITQ 2022_CCTV_03 Sanitary Drain Closed May 17

Quote ITQ 2022_HDT23_01 Supply and Delivery of Two Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks - Closed May 4

ITQ_2022_EPT_01 Supply and Delivery of Two Electric Pickup Trucks - Closed May 6

ITQ 2022_ECV_02 Supply and Delivery of One Electric Cargo Van - Closed May 10

ITQ 2022_MBSV_03 Supply and Delivery of One Electric All Wheel Drive Vehicle - Closed May 11

2022_ITT_MP_01  Murray’s Pond Viewing Platform - Closed March 9

RFP 2021 UFS 01   Urban Forestry Strategy - Closed November 12

2021_ITQ_TAR_01 One Tandem Asphalt Roller - Closed October 22

2021_RFP_ATP_01 Engineering Services 2022 Active Transportation Priority Projects - Closed October 20

2021_ITQ_LBP_01 Lunch Room Trailer - Closed September 21 

2021_ITQ_EUT_01 Electric Utility Dump Truck - Closed September 14

ITQ 2021_DPS_01 Heavy Duty 4x4 Dump/Plow/Salter Truck - Closed September 3

RFP: 2021 FS 01 Facility Feasibility Study - Closed August 24

RFP: 2021 LCR 01 Colwood Low Carbon Resilience Project - Closed August 3

ITQ: 2021_ITQ_TBI_01 Supply and Installation of One Truck Body Insert - Closed July 28

ITQ: 2021_ITQ_PWT_01  Supply and deliver One Portable Washroom Trailer - Closed July 27

ITQ: 2021_ITQ_CPT_01  Supply and deliver One Crew Pickup Truck - closed July 23

RFP  2021_RFP_CHS_01 Colwood Heritage Strategy - closed July 6

ITQ 2021_ITQ_LLP_01 Annual Long Line Painting Annual Long Line Painting - closed June 30

TENDER: 2021_ITT_PAI_MET_01 Painter Rd & Metchosin Rd Corridor Upgrades - closed May 14

TENDER: 2021_ITT_ALL_01 Allandale Road Works & Services- closed May 14

RFP 2021 NWS 01 Neighbourhood Wayfinding Strategy Consulting Services - closed May 14

RFQ 2021 GPCS-01 General Planning Consultant Services (Rotational) - closed April 8

RFP 2021 SLD-01  Development Guidelines – Small Lot Subdivisions - closed March 31

RFP 2021 JECP – Job Evaluation and Compensation Plan Review - closed March 29

RFP 2021 SDS 01 Subdivision and Development of Land Bylaw Update - closed March 10

RFP 2020 MBP 02  Municipal Business Process System – closed January 26, 2021 

RFP 2020 WIP 02  Waterfront Improvement Plan – closed December 23, 2020 

RFP 2020 WIP 01  Waterfront Improvement Project - RFP RESCINDED - will be reissued

RFP 2020 CHALL-01 Inspection and Repair of Roof and Soffits - Closed September 10, 2020

RFQ 2020 HCS-01  Heritage Consulting Services Pre-Qualification - Closed September 3, 2020

RFP-2020-01-ITT Lookout Brook Dam Upgrade (Construction) - Closed August 14, 2020

RFP-2020-ALL-01 Allandale Road Engineering Services - Closed August 10, 2020

RFP-2020-SPOC 01  Space Planning and Office Configuration - Closed July 28, 2020

ITQ-2020-VoIP 01 Supply, installation and commissioning of one 3CX phone system - Closed July 17, 2020

RFP-2020-ALL02 Allandale Road Area Stormwater Design - Closed July 23, 2020

Invitation to Quote #ITQ:2020 GEN 01 - SUPPLY, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING of One (1) Kohler Generator.

RFP 2020-LCS-01 - Latoria Creek Park Stairs Construction - Closed May 25, 2020 at 3:00 pm

ITQ20 LLP 01 - Long Line Road and Line Painting - Closed March 25, 2020 at 2:00 pm 

RFP-2020-PRMP Consulting City of Colwood Parks and Recreation Master Plan - Closed January 31, 2020 at 3:00 pm

ITQ19-LP-01  Road and Line Painting - Closed July 29, 2019, 2:00 pm

RFP 2019-MBP-01  Municipal Business Process System - Closed July 31, 2019, 3:00 pm

RFQ19-HE01   Hired Equipment Pre-Qualification Registration - Closed July 18, 2019,  3:00 pm

RFQ19-TCP-01  2019 Flagging and Traffic Control Services Pre-Qualification Registration - Closed June 27, 2019,  3:00 pm  

RFQ19-TAS-01  2019 Tree Arborist Services Pre-Qualification Registration - Closed May 22, 2019 2:00 pm 

RFP 2018-F01 – Fire Engine with Rated ULC Pump – Closed January 18, 2019 at 3:00 pm

RFP18-EDMRS01 Electronic Documents Records Management Application System Closed January 4, 2019

EOI-2018-GW01 Grant Writing Services Closed November 30, 2018 at 3pm​

RFP-2018-005 Design Services Metchosin and Painter Road Improvements Closed November 22, 2018 at 3 pm

RFP-2018-002 Pavement Condition Assessment

RFP-2018-004 Stormwater Master Plan

RFP-2018-003 Esquimalt Lagoon Bridge Inspection 2018

RFP-2018-001 Street Light Upgrades to LED Project

ITT-2017-02 Metchosin Road Improvement

RFP-2017-01 Allandale Pit Pumping System Tender Documents 

Request for Expressions of Interest - Food Vendors for 2017 Special Events

Request for Expressions of Interest - Musicians for 2017 Special Events

RFP-2016-03 Ocean Boulevard Pump Station Relocation Plan
Questions & Answers re: RFP-2016-03 

RFP-2016-02 Metchosin Road Sidewalk Improvements

RFP-2016-01 Telephone Services

RFP-2016-00 Colwood Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw Review
Additional information and questions from proponents are available at:

RFP-2015-03 Sooke Road - Metchosin Road Sewers

RFP-2015-02 Amendment 1 Ocean Boulevard Pump Station Protection Plan
Background Reports:

2015-01-RFEI - Transit Shelters and Benches with Advertising - Request for Expressions of Interest

RFP -2014-05 - Rainwater Management Plan (Phase 1 of the Urban Ecology Management Plan)

RFP 2014-04 - Environmental Impact Studies for Treated Wastewater Use and Disposal

RFP 2014-03 - Engineering Services for Lookout Brook Dam