The North Ridge Trail in Royal Bay connects the Painter Trail at Painter Road to Metchosin Road. The trail meanders through the trees and along the hillside behind Cotlow Road toward the height of Metchosin Road offering spectacular views across the ocean at the top. The trail connects to the Metchosin Road sidewalk for a comfortable walk down the hill toward Latoria Boulevard and Meadow Park. From there, the trail through Meadow Park connects back toward the Painter Trail to create a circuit. Future trails will connect into Murrays Pond Park and up to Wishart Road. 

Accessibility Rules: 

The hard packed gravel trail is user-friendly for walking and strollers. There are some steep sections.

Dog Information: 
Dogs should be under control of the owner at all times. Please pick up after your pets. Dog bags and receptacles are provided at the Painter Trail head.

Metchosin Road at Kenning Court, Colwood, BC