Public Hearing December 4 re: 2330-2344B Sooke Road

A Public Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4, 2018 to provide an opportunity for public feedback regarding a Land Use Bylaw amendment to provide for the orderly development of the lands at 2330 – 2344B Sooke Road in Colwood.

Date:  Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Colwood City Hall, 3300 Wishart Road, Colwood BC

What is a Public Hearing?

A Public Hearing is a vital part of Council’s review when applications are made to change the City’s Official Community Plan or Land Use Bylaw. It provides the public with a way to present their views to Council on items contained in the public hearing agenda. It is not a question and answer period. The Public Hearing is Council’s opportunity to listen to members of the public to hear their views or receive their written submissions on items contained in the public hearing agenda. Council is not able to discuss and debate the topic at the public hearing.

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Development Permits Issued

Listed below are development permits recently issued by the City.

A development permit (DP) is issued to property owners following thorough review of a proposed development to ensure it meets the policies and objectives of the Official Community Plan, as well as the City's environmental and design guidelines. Please note: After a DP is issued, the proponent may apply for a building permit to begin construction. 

DP # Location Purpose Date Issued
DP-18-16 686 Donovan Avenue Development of 8 dwellings  October 17, 2018
DP-18-18 1800 Island Highway - Wendy's Restaurant To upgrade of the facade and associated site improvements October 4, 2018
DP-14-10 Colwood Corners - 1913 Sooke Road Development of the first 7 buildings at Colwood Corners Phase 1 September 21, 2018
DP-18-12 Two Waters - Selleck Way (Parcel 2 + 3) Development of two condominium buildings with 26 and 14 units and underground parking September 7, 2018
DP-18-11 Two Waters - Selleck Way (Parcel 1) Development of a 2 storey townhouse with 21 units September 7, 2018
DP-17-31 Olympic View - Latoria Road Environmental DP for 35 detached dwellings and 2 multi family sites. August 31, 2018
DP-18-15 513 Gurunack Lane Development of a single family dwelling with secondary suite August 30, 2018
DP-18-8 330 Goldstream Avenue Development of 102 affordable rental apartments in a 6 storey building (built to passive house standards) with 81 underground parking spaces July 16, 2018
DP-18-7 Seafield Road Development of a 35 lot subdivision with a typical lot size of 316 square metres. August 15, 2018
DP-18-6 3497 Ryder Hesjedal Way Renovation consistent with neighbourhood design guidelines. March 28, 2018
DP-18-5 Royal Bay - Sparrowhawk Avenue Development of 8 single-family dwellings. February 28, 2018
DP-18-3 3520 Aloha Avenue Removal and replacement of a tree in an area designated for environmental protection. February 28, 2018
DP-18-2 3340 Anchorage Avenue Development of the land to ensure protection of the natural environment May 28, 2018
DP-18-1 Royal Bay - Dunlin Street Development of 12 attached single family dwellings. February 28, 2018

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Notification of authorized tree removal

Listed below are properties where the City is aware that tree removal is planned in accordance with the Interim Urban Forest Bylaw.

Colwood's urban forest is declining every year, and much of this loss is occurring on private land. In 2018, Colwood Council adopted an Interim Urban Forest Bylaw to preserve trees on both private and public property and to assist in protecting the City's urban forest. If you wish to cut or remove a tree on public or private property, please contact the City first. Read more at


Date Authorized

3347 Roberlack Road December 4, 2018
3413 Bette Drive December 4, 2018
3385 St. Troy Place December 4, 2018
3344A Willowdale Road October 25, 2018
2915 Dickerson Place October 25, 2018
862 Cecil Blogg October 25, 2018
822 Cuaulta Crescent October 4, 2018
3342 Betula Place September 24, 2018
721 Grousewood Place September 20, 2018
477 Tipton Avenue September 20, 2018
3132 Lynnlark Place September 13, 2018
555 Ledsham Road September 13, 2018
3142 Antrobus Crescent September 13, 2018
805 Cuaulta Crescent August 29, 2018
610 Kelly Road *2 trees on private property, 1 tree on city property August 8, 2018
3303 Anchorage *Tree on public property causing damage - to be removed by the City August 1, 2018
3320 Ocean Boulevard July 31, 2018
796 Cuaulta Crescent July 17, 2018
3387 Fulton Road July 17, 2018
561 and 570 Cedarcrest Drive June 18, 2018
3341 Roberlack Road June 4, 2018
457 A and B Sue Mar Place May 29, 2018
3403 Rockwood Terrace May 28, 2018
733 Grousewood Place May 22, 2018
3474 Gratton Road May 10, 2018
2508 Aloha Avenue May 7, 2018
355 Cotlow Road May 7, 2018
686 Donovan Road May 7, 2018
527 Acland Avenue April 26, 2018
3534 Proudfoot Place April 3, 2018
3310 Wishart Road (Wishart Elementary School - School District 62) March 28, 2018


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Notice of Disposition of Land: Royal Bay amenity lot

School District 62 proposes to purchase public land located on Ryder Hesjedal Way for the appraised value of $1,090,000 so that it can be used for parking and/or recreation. This particular property is subject to geotechnical limits, and as such is not suitable for buildings or structures. 

Proceeds of the sale will be placed into a capital projects reserve funds to contribute to the acquisition of field sites adjacent to the planned elementary school in Royal Bay.

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Notice of offer to lease municipal building at 170 Goldfinch Avenue

The Ocean Grove development proposes to lease the building at 170 Goldfinch Avenue as a sales centre for $8/square foot, which would be a value of $20,880 annually, as well as repairs and upgrades to the building. 

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