What is the Board of Variance? 

The Board of Variance (BOV) is an independent board regulated by the BOV Bylaw No. 1747. The BOV consists of three volunteer members of the public who have been appointed by Council. The BOV reviews applications and makes decisions on minor variances to the Land Use Bylaw No. 151 when it is illustrated by the applicant that compliance would cause undue hardship.

What does ‘minor variance’ and ‘undue hardship’ mean?

A minor variance is determined by the BOV in its decision-making and relates to the specific circumstances of the request. Typically, undue hardship results from site and/or building aspects (e.g., irregular shaped lot, slope, natural features, historic siting), as opposed to personal circumstances. It is the applicant’s responsibility to clearly state in writing the basis for the appeal in their application submission and demonstrate the request is minor and the hardship that would result from full compliance.

Can I appeal the Board of Variance decision?

No. All decisions by the BOV are final and the applicant may not submit again with a similar proposal at a later date. The applicant may wish to apply for a Development Variance Permit

Board of Variance Process

Board of Variance applications are approved through the Board of Variance in accordance with Part 14, Division 15 of the Local Government Act.

The full BOV process is outlined in the diagram below. Once you are ready to apply, ensure you have completed the BOV Application Checklist, and submit the online Development and Land Use Application form. 

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For more information on Board of Variance or the application process, contact Development Services at 250-294-8153 or planning@colwood.ca