City staff are on the job every day all around the community, pruning trees, cutting grass, doing fire and building inspections, working on roads, trails, parks and the waterfront.

The Colwood City Watch program ensures we make the best use of these extra eyes and ears in our community. All public works employees have received training developed in partnership with the Westshore RCMP about types of suspicious activity to watch for, recording observations, reporting incidents and record keeping.

Prepared to help

City of Colwood employees have access to a City Watch binder in it which is updated with information such as missing persons reports, notices of areas that have experienced a recent break-in or act of vandalism and other issues to look out for. Every City vehicle is equipped with City Watch cards outlining the protocol for contacting emergency services personnel, reporting incidents and conducting emergency first aid.

A community that looks out for one another

Good neighbours rely on each other to lend a hand, keep an eye on kids and check on property when they are away. They can take comfort in knowing that Colwood employees are also looking out for them and are someone safe that kids can approach if they ever need assistance. It’s just one more way we help keep our community safe and healthy.

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