The City has created a feasibility study to assess the current state and future requirements of operations facilities at 3300 Wishart Road.

The feasibility study includes a current state analysis and a future needs assessment, and provides a functional concept plan that proposes a phased approach over several years.

Review the full City of Colwood Facility Feasibility Study.

Serving a growing City

Colwood's population is expected to grow by 2.5% per year. With growth comes increasing service requirements, both to maintain, repair, and construct new infrastructure, and to serve and protect the safety of people in our community. 

Existing City facilities are at capacity and aging buildings will require investment. Action will be required to continue to deliver services.


Some of the challenges identified with the current facility include:

  • A single access road must currently accommodate City staff, Public Works operations, school traffic, and the public.
  • For Branch Drop Off, the public must circulate through the operational area of the public works yard.  
  • Aging buildings will require significant investment to maintain.
  • Temporary trailers with limited facilities are currently used to accommodate a growing labour force.
  • Staff work spaces are spread across several buildings.
  • Public works storage is spread throughout the yard in a mix of enclosed, covered and uncovered accommodations.
  • Lack of adequate maintenance bay/workshop space to meet current needs.

The map below is a current overview of the site showing the proposed location of a relocated public works operations building.


  • Optimize use of space on City Hall property.
  • Right-size functional components to meet current and future operational needs.
  • Streamline work flow, increase efficiency, and reduce space footprint by consolidating like functions and share resources.
  • Provide efficient, covered storage solutions to protect materials and equipment.
  • Incorporate accessible and inclusive design.
  • Provide distinct Public Works circulation to separate industrial flow from general staff and public flow
  • Consolidate public works functions currently dispersed in temporary and legacy structures into a purpose-built facility 
  • Provide modernized facilities to best support the City of Colwood's evolving needs 
  • Improve site circulation and access for greater efficiency and safety.
  • Expand functional components in the northern and eastern sections of the site which are underutilized.
  • Maintain a park-like public setting that supports partnerships such as community gardens, day cares and other community amenities.

The map below shows the first phase of proposed changes. The Facility Feasibility Study describes additional proposed phases over several years. 

Next steps

Council has included this project in the City's Strategic Plan and 2024-2028 Financial Plan, and has directed staff to initiate the design phase of the project. To advance this work, the City will need to borrow funding, which comes with legislative requirements. Of the two options to enable borrowing, the Alternative Approval Process is the more cost effective option. 

Learn more about the Alternate Approval Process.