Before You Begin

Download the Building Permit Application Checklist and ensure you have all documents ready that will accompany the application, including the checklist. 

Get Started

If you are a Property Owner, use the Online Building Permit Application

If you are an Agent acting on behalf of a property owner, use the Online Building Permit Application and Agent Authorization Form

Follow the instructions on each form section and complete all applicable fields. 

Agree to the terms of use and select Continue.

Review the form and ensure all information is correct. Adjustments can be made directly on the form. Upload all accompanying documents including the completed checklist.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DRAG AND DROP FILES. Select files one at a time using the Upload a File button. You can upload any number of files to your application if none are over 25 MB in size. If you have larger files to attach, please check the box on the form beside the Application Attachments button. We will contact you with instructions for secure delivery of these files.

The following documents are required for every building permit application:

  • Certificate of Title
  • Copies of all title charges, covenants, easements, and statutory right of ways
  • Construction Plans

Complete the Signing Process

Click Sign and adopt a signature, draw, or upload your signature.

That's it! You will receive an email with a link to view the completed document and can download or print a copy at your convenience.

The Colwood Building Department will automatically receive your completed application when all signers have completed the signing process. There is no need to forward any documents outside this process unless requested by staff.