The Colwood waterfront features miles of breathtaking ocean beachfront perfect for walks, beachcombing, sand castles and water play, Across the road from the beach is the lagoon. A national migratory bird sanctuary where ducks and swans swim and herons and eagles are often spotted along with many other shorebirds. The calm water of the lagoon is perfect for a peaceful ride in the canoe or kayak.

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View a map of on-leash and off-leash areas at Esquimalt Lagoon.

Accessibility Rules: 

There are accessible areas, including the walk along Ocean Boulevard, an accessible art space and accessible washroom. The sandy beachfront and trail along the lagoon are lovely walks.

Please note: Overnight parking is not permitted along the Colwood waterfront (1am - 6am).

Dog Information: 
Esquimalt Lagoon is one of seven National Migratory Bird Sanctuaries in BC. Please keep dogs on-leash within the santuary to protect the sensitive habitat and nesting areas.

2903 Ocean Boulevard
Victoria, BC V9C 1W6, Canada

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