The City of Colwood is creating a Waterfront Stewardship Plan to protect the sensitve ecology and archaeology of its coastline and lagoon areas through thoughtful design that guides people through the space in appropriate ways. This master plan will inform Council decision-making for the next 10 years.

Planning will be informed by existing policies including the Official Community Plan and Parks and Recreation Master Plan as well as public and stakeholder input. 

The Stewardship Plan will outline how sensitive areas could be protected by directing visitors onto a multi-use pathway from the Lagoon Bridge to Royal Beach and present concepts for environmental landscaping that incorporates carefully designed features such as view points, seating and washrooms. 

The final plan will identify options for protecting the highly sensitive wildlife habitat and archeological resources with design that enhances accessibility and guides activity to the most appropriate areas beyond the lagoon area along the full length of the waterfront.

Where we are in the process

The Waterfront Stewardship Plan process began early in 2021 with detailed background analyses by the consulting team, review of previous studies and reports, and input from community members, key stakeholders, project partners, and Colwood’s Waterfront Coastal Processes Committee.

That first phase allowed the team to sketch out some very early concepts for the waterfront which were shared with Colwood Council asking for their approval to proceed with continued community engagement. 

Learn more and share your thoughts

Your input will help to develop and refine the plan that will be presented to Colwood Council to make decisions about next steps.

The local landscape architect team at Murdoch de Greeff Landscape Architects will bring their experience to the project. The plan is expected to be complete within 2021, with improvements to be considered for implementation in the 2022 budget.

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