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To develop a long term Transportation Plan for the City that fits within the regional context and establishes major roadway designations, standards and alignments, ensures effective traffic flow management for the future, and identifies major opportunities for streetscape beautification.

New developments will add to traffic loads and in some cases change the nature of roadway
flow and usage. This Plan will help to anticipate needs and ensure that roads are appropriately designed for all uses including vehicles, transit, bicycles, motorized scooters and pedestrians. Streets as community places will be recognized, beautification standards will be addressed, and streetscape beautification opportunities will be identified.

Work Steps

  • Develop Terms of Reference, present them to the public at the Transportation and Public Infrastructure Committee and seek Council approval. Complete.
  • Engage a consultant to prepare the Plan. Complete. The City is working with Urban Systems on the plan now.
  • The Consultant will engage with the community and stakeholders and will provide opportunity for public input. Ongoing. Look for opportunities to get involved!
  • Present the Plan to the Transportation and Public Infrastructure Committee and Council for review and adoption.
  • Implement the Transportation Master Plan.

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