Mar 10, 2021

At their meeting on Monday, March 8, Colwood Council instructed staff to proceed with an ongoing program of new sidewalks and bike lanes in priority locations throughout the community over the next 10 years, with the goal of encouraging active transportation. The decision follows a lengthy discussion of the updated Active Transportation Plan at the March 1, 2021 Committee of the Whole meeting.

The list of potential routes the City would like to complete is long and choices must be made based on the criteria outlined in Colwood's Transportation Master Plan and Active Transportation Plan.

Round one of new sidewalks in 2021-2023

The priority active transportation list includes the following routes for 2021, 2022 and 2023 as the first phase in a 10-year program: 

  1. Sections of Metchosin Road and Painter Road for which scoping and design are complete will proceed to tender and construction as planned in 2021.
  2. Immediately begin scoping and report back to Council in time to complete construction of the following projects in 2022:
    • Kelly Road sidewalk (Sooke to Metchosin)
    • Benhomer Drive sidewalk (safe route to Dunsmuir School)
    • Owens Road sidewalk (safe route to Wishart and Dunsmuir Schools)
    • Hagel Road sidewalk (safe route to David Cameron School)
    • Adye Road/Metchosin Road Bikeway (crosstown connection to the Galloping Goose Trail)
  3. Begin project scoping and report back to Council in time to complete construction of the following projects in 2023:
    • Lagoon Road sidewalk
    • Fulton Road sidewalk
    • Metchosin Road Sangster School sidewalk
    • Metchosin Road South bike lane
    • Metchosin Road North bike lane
    • pave a temporary sidewalk from the Wishart/Latoria intersection to the pathway to Outrigger Place (approx. 20m)

Scoping and scheduling projects in a financially responsible way that best meets community need

A project scoping process will help determine the design and details for each project, then budget capacity will have to be created to support design and construction. Timing may be coordinated to align with new developments or other infrastructure projects. Public input will be an important part of the project scoping process before each route's detailed design is undertaken. 

Steps to enhance safety and maintain neighbourhood charm throughout Colwood

Neighbourhood and community safety, comfort, and quality is always a priority of the City. While new sidewalks are being built, the City will also pilot a variety of traffic calming measures on roadways in several locations in an effort to reduce vehicle speeds and increase the comfort and safety of our streets.

Part of the charm of Colwood is that we have a wide range of neighbourhoods that were all built in different times with different priorities. While newer streets may have sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting, and the deep utilities of storm, water, and sewer, many established neighbourhoods are rich in mature trees, landscaping and the charm of a bygone era. Care will need to be taken to create improvements while preserving the special nature of these well-loved streets and neighbourhoods.

Read about many other transportation initiatives in the works, from traffic monitoring to transit improvements and intersection upgrades at

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