Road improvements on Veterans Memorial Parkway, Allandale Road and Wildcat Trail adjacent to the Allandale District properties will provide new active transportation options, accommodate vehicle traffic demands, provide underground services for new businesses and enhance Colwood's public realm in this area.

Plans include a new signaled intersection on Veterans Memorial Parkway at Allandale Road, sidewalks, a defined bike route, center islands, landscaping, lighting and underground servicing.

Note that this work will extend Allandale Road a portion of the way into the development lands but will not connect it all the way through to Wishart Road at this time.

Planning ahead for future need

The City requires new developments to submit a traffic impact assessment provided by a certified traffic consultant engineer when they rezone land. The assessment for this property identified that the planned density and land uses will demand a signalized intersection.

Coordinating with the developer to construct the intersection as part of these early works makes sense for several reasons:

  • Makes it part of the developer responsibilities rather than the City and taxpayers bearing the whole cost 
  • Takes advantage of today's construction costs in an escalating market
  • Prevents disruption from additional major construction in the future

More upgrades to come

Colwood's Transportation Master Plan also identifies the nearby intersection of Cairndale Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway for upgrade within the coming years to align with growth happening further along Veterans Memorial.

Many other transportation intiatives are underway throughout Colwood, including a 10 year program of sidewalk improvements, BC Transit enhancements, Traffic Impact Analyses, traffic congestion monitoring, park and trail upgrades including a grant application for a Galloping Goose overpass, and more. Read more on these initiatives at and review the Transportation Master Plan at


Council first considered the details of this project in June, 2020. Read more at: Upgrading Veterans Memorial Parkway and Allandale Road