Aug 9, 2019

The current owner of the Allandale property at Allandale Road and Veterans Memorial Parkway has determined that blasting is required to prepare the site for development. Blasting is expected to begin August 13, 2019 on the upper lots west of Veterans Memorial Parkway. Materials will be transported across the road and deposited as fill in the lower lots.

The blasting company was required to deliver blasting notices to all property owners within 300 metres of the blasting site. A copy of the blasting notice is pictured at the bottom of this page. 

Concerns about blasting activity on this site should be directed to Little Rock Drilling & Blasting at 250.365.9833. Learn more about blasting at

New life for the old pit

The Allandale property is significant for Colwood as an “intended growth area”. Bordered by major roadways including Veterans Memorial Parkway and Sooke Road, the property has outstanding potential to attract new jobs, services and amenities to the community. Four lots have been listed for sale, and the City is excited to work with the new owners when a sale is complete.

Awaiting development details

No development application has been received beyond site preparation, so it’s too early to know details about what is planned for the site. The current zoning allows for a range of Mixed Employment uses.

Staff will be clear and communicative as they bring the best team together to assist development partners to move the project forward as efficiently as possible. Watch for updates as the developer's plans progress.