The new Home Energy Navigator program helps homeowners take the next step, regardless of where they may be in the retrofit journey, and aims to reduce barriers to completing a home energy retrofit. This new regional service provides participants with free support from local energy experts, including: 

  • rebate navigation
  • virtual home energy consultation
  • quote reviews
  • customized retrofit roadmap

If you have questions regarding rebate requirements or need support with deciding which upgrades are right for your home, reviewing quotes or filling out your rebate applications, you're not alone! To learn more visit or call 1-866-381-9995.

The home Energy Navigator program is a free program created by the CRD and local government partners in the capital region and informed by industry experts, including numerous local contractors. It is being executed by City Green Solutions, a local non-profit with decades of experience helping homeowners save energy. 

Visit for more about how Colwood Council and City staff are committed to both reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions to minimize the impacts of a changing climate.